Awash in Green

img_1015x800The dead-summer prairie has sprung back to life after a few Fall storms have tracked-through, and I’ve been out there killin’ as much of the nasty weeds as I can, and spreading pre-emergent. The junk I spread is expensive and safe to use around cattle, made with corn-gluten meal that is supposed to “suffocates and suppresses weeds before they begin to grow.”
The field looks nice from a distance but it’s gonna turn nasty and thick, and there’s nothing really to mow just yet except the lawn on the other side of the house and I’ve been avoiding that because I’m lazy.

Pre-emergent spreader-stuff.

Pre-emergent spreader-stuff.

There’s a blanket of snow up on the Sierras and I hope this high-pressure zone stays over us keeping things warm until Wednesday when the shipment of floor-paint for the shed is scheduled to arrive. I want to get it painted and cured before the real cold sets-in.


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7 thoughts on “Awash in Green

  1. At least you spread some pre-emergent.

    I keep telling myself that I’m going to “improve,” my lawn and get the clover and nut grass under control, but the cost of the stuff and the aimless walking behind the spreader just drives me away from the actual doing of it.

    Oh well, the neighbors will just have to deal.

    • Had to get it done before the rain came! Towing the spreader was easier than walking around with a hand broadcaster, and with the mower out I had no excuse not to mow the little lawn on the other side. And today it’s raining.

  2. I hope that timing works out. Our forecast is for rain turning to snow Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.

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