Screw this sitting around waiting for the world to end. I already voted. It’s bright and sunny and warm out, and the next storm-track is a week away.
I’m going to Home Depot for more of the dark gray trim-color paint for the shed. It’s some kind of “Something-Tweed.” The leftover can is suspect and was not sealed properly, and there’s the whole eve-edges to paint – I don’t think half-a-gallon will be sufficient.
I also took-off a middle door-hinge to see if I can find matching black hinges with the same screw-hole pattern – if not I’ll spray-paint them black to match the house fixtures. Hmm, better check my supply of satin-black spray paint!
Later, and keep your fingers crossed.
UPDATE: Got ‘er done.
UPDATE-UPDATE: Replaced pic with the hardware in black: img_1013x800


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10 thoughts on “Trim

  1. Looks good! I voted, and then basically turned off the TV and social media for the day. And I think I’m going to do the same again today once I get done with the morning blog reads. FB is full of people freaking the fuck out because their candidate didn’t win…..

    • That’s a good idea! I think I’ll follow it. Maybe I’ll put rain-gutters on the shed, or a load of tanbark around the planter-beds. 🙂 It’s a beautiful sunny and warm day, and there is much to do.
      Or go for a celebration ride on my motorcycle.

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