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The shed doors face …UPDATE MY DIRECTIONAL DYSLEXIA: due-west DUE-EAST…and I needed a way to mount the solar panel on an angle to catch the sun, so I put a 4″x4″ post in the vise to start the mock-up of my corner mount. At Ace hardware I found the 12-foot extension for the Deltran solar panel lede, and a couple t-hinges with about a four-inch leg. t-hinge On the 4×4 post I attached the two hinges on opposing faces, on a 45-angle. At Tru-Value I found some 2-1/2″ eye bolts the proper small-ish diameter thread to fit through the corner holes of the 14″x16″ panel, and got a couple feet of light chain. Then I took a four-link section of chain and ran it through the eye-bolts and the ends of the hinges. Voila!
Next up it needed a brace for the back so the panel laid-out out at the right angle to get the solar waves and rays, so I put a piece of 2″x4″ in the vise, set the saw at a 45-degree angle, and made two cuts so the brace would fit on the corner.
A third cut was made for the angle of attack, which was too shallow at first and had to be re-cut for a steeper angle.
I pre-drilled a couple holes in the 2×4 brace for deck-screws, to make the corner attachment tight to the siding, then ran them in short to mark the hole-locations. It was kinda fiddly to make the final tight-fit without first pre-drilling, because the brace wanted to move around a bit and being on a corner it pushed one way then the other.
I ran the lede up around the brace to the door side, and from the inside-out drilled a 1/2″ hole through a shed 2″x4″ cross-member, to the the hole up-high under the eave. Running the lede through the hole and along the upper interior sill-plate, I screwed-down wire anchors every few feet and dropped it onto the mower location and hooked-up the charger. To finish it off I gooberd a bunch of siliconized plumber’s caulk into the hole to keep the weather and bugs out of the hole.
Now listening to the pitter-pat of rain on the gutters, I’m glad I got ‘er done.

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3 thoughts on “Shed Solar

  1. Consider putting a motor drive that follows the sun, for optimum efficiency. Telescope tracking systems, if you can’t find something already designed for panels.


  2. Is there any reason you can’t mount the panel on the South side of the shed?

    They generally collect MUCH more energy than if they’re on the East or West side.

    The elevation is generally set to something like 10* more than your Latitude.


    • I didn’t want to penetrate the (new) roof where it would be high enough, and the south-side eaves are low it would just dangle there. It’s not real tall, and it does get shade from the much larger house. The way it’s angled now is pretty optimum for sunup to sundown, winter through summer the sun clocks around as it comes over the ridge, but we’ll see!


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