Après le Déluge

UPDATE: Harambe is finito, the Gorilla Hair is done, clicquez voue les embigulament:
After Sunday’s torrent of sky-water, the embankment looked a little worse for wear in some places and there are some places where I need to shovel-out the washed-down dirt, but the shed had not washed away like Noah’s ark.
Dropping-in to Homie Despot to pick-up some fat painting rollers to do the siding (and a long narrow tarp), we went out to the Garden area where we spied a stack of Gorilla Hair bags, and loaded up two platform roller carts of twelve bags each. 24-additional bags will fill in the new voids and increase the general coverage.
In the paint section the question remained, prime and seal, and then what color? There is a lot of cutting-in to do with all the exposed 2×4’s and bare T-100 backing. That’s going to suck-up a lot of paint. White would show dirt to easy and I lean towards a light battleship blue-gray like the garage. Still that could be handled with a standard interior latex perhaps, but will take at least two gallons.
The issue of the floor is also a bit more than I anticipated since most seems to be directed towards concrete floors and some kind of magic epoxy finish, not wood. There’s one to look at called DeckOver by Behr that needs two coats and has some built-in traction effects – might be nice in gray. Hmmm… Ponderings at the Ponderosa.
So instead of doing anything I went to work with some Alex Plus+ white acrylic caulk, and attacked the joints on the tongue-and-groove floor, and the edges and corners where the framing sits. At least it will give the spiders some initial opposition.

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4 thoughts on “Après le Déluge

  1. I would think that an epoxy paint for garage floors would work, but best to ask the maker. They don’t react to spilled oils and such, which is a nice detail, and your tractor shouldn’t tear it up, as long as the wood is good. Whatever you decide, stay far away from multi-color floor coverings of any type. You want to see anything that ends up on that surface, not hide it, so stay with a light color.
    One option would be to cover it with sheet metal. Then paint that. This would eliminate any user caused damage to the wood. Of course, you could just lay a sacrificial wood floor on top of the existing one, with a light coat of paint, and turn it over, or toss it, whenever it gets bad enough. The floors in my father’s many storage sheds got a bit chewed over time. Some more than others, depending on the primary use of each one. Oil seemed to be a big problem. Some never had a floor, just the sandy ground (So NJ), or ground-up sea shells.


  2. My FIL used DeckOver on his front deck (last year), it does indeed seem to help with traction (I’d previously slipped on it multiple times when it was bare wood, cause I’m good like that). At whatever point we do ours we’ll probly use it as well.


    • Thanks for the recommendation! Bare wood when it’s wet has a zero coefficient of traction! Why I remember once being on an enduro ride, in the rain, where we had to cross a muddy wooden bridge and a lot off guys went down…jeeze that sounds so Old-Fogey.


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