Rain Delay

The Current Air Quality is: Good. The Chandler Fire Danger Index is in negative digits: -1.8. And the Current UV-Index of Solar Energy is: 0! (Your Sunburn is expected in NONE Minutes!) Yay for rain, free sky-water coming down as our Rain Season (July 1st to June 31st) has recorded 1.56 in to-date. Obviously here in October, it has just begun.

UPDATE: 3.61 inches of rain yesterday, a full-turbo gully-washer at times, with a stream of water sluicing off my neighbor’s driveway and down across the embankment – however much of the Gorilla Hair stayed put. Season Rainfall to date now: 5.17 inches.

So thoughts turn to “what-next” kind of planning. Lists of things to do populate themselves: paint the shed. Inside and out. Paint the floor too, because wet wood can be very slippery and it could use a coat of protection. I have half a 5-gal. bucket of exterior paint and about a half a 1-gal. bucket of trim color, so I think that’s good to go but I need some interior color, and with the floor paint…sand?
Does anybody still do that thing where you add an abrasive for traction? Are there other methods? Indoor-outdoor carpet> Can’t that get yucky if you don’t pull it up and clean, and if un-stapled it can move around a lot presenting a tripping hazard or traction-fail. Also since it’s fresh and without spiders, it could use a touch of bug-spray once painted.
In other Inside-Games news, I have the parts for the Apex trigger and a micro-torch to gently heat and un-stick the Loc-Tite that holds the rear-sight in a vise-like grip.
Also the Garage can always use a clean-up and tools that have strayed need to return to their proper place, but this is California and rain is only temporary and soon we will be hit by heat again (the 80;’s by next weekend) so I can get out and grill that flank-steak in the fridge. Carne Asada, baby!


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10 thoughts on “Rain Delay

  1. Just a thought….Have you considered horse stall matting, it comes in large sections, is made to be none reactive, and can be cut to fit…

  2. I use the anti-skid additive for a bunch of concrete industrial floors (that’s about 75% of my work) and it does work, but at the expense of cleanability. Your situation is different, obviously, so it’s your call.

    Removable, open-grate rubber mats over your painted floor might work for your application, but rather expensive.

    Good luck.

  3. Find a West Marine or other chandlery that’s not a 200 mile drive, and get some boat deck nonskid. If it’s not some insane price, get the paint for it too, as it’s made for the heavy wear.

    Otherwise, sand works. 3M nonskid with the adhesive back works, too. If you use the sand, put three coats on top, so it stays there a while.

    Cheapest but good, is your astroturf option. Pull it up and let it breathe a week out of every month, perhaps?

    I’m needing to find a coating system for my one-car garage floor. Idiot builder did a “broom finish” on that slab, which means it holds dirt, sawdust, etc. I want it smooth. Then I want to coat it with one of those epoxy systems with some nice color to it.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  4. You can get “anti-slip” or “anti-skid” floor paint at the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

    The stuff works great, but beware if you fall. Some of it is like sliding into home plate on 80-grit paper!

  5. Last time I did the Friction-traction thing was for the deck of a fishing boat in Portland. Primed first. Put on one coat of paint, let dry, put on a second coat, sprinkled sand on wet paint for traction. Then got a different color of paint, and did the drip/spatter thing to break up the solid finish and help camoflage future spills and damage. Like the paint flecks in the garage floor epoxy kits.

    Worked pretty well. This was my dad’s boat, and he fishes 2-5 days a week, weather be dammned. Got 6-7 years of use out of the finish before we redid the decking by removing the existing marine grade plywood and replacing. Wasn’t there for the second round, so I don’t know what they finished with then. Don’t imagine you’d need priming, maybe not both coats, shed floor not the same level of wear and abuse as a part-time guide’s boat deck.


    • I have to deal with a garage with one of those multi-color flakes added to an epoxy paint floor coverings. Don’t go there. This is about the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen for shops/garages.
      You can’t see spills/drips/splashes. This is unsafe, besides the hassle of tracking it elsewhere. You can’t find small parts that fall there. Yeah, it hides the dirt. Guess what? It always looks dirty no matter how clean it is!

  6. You can add regular builder’s sand to paint in SMALL qualities to get non-skid. Another option is a fertilizer spreader of sand over a thick wet coat of paint to add ‘grip’.

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