End of Summer Rain

Sunday the morning dawned cool and clear with blue skies, but a big patch of moisture was being driven down from the north and by noon the skies had filled-in with clouds, and by 2)00PM they had darkened and rain began. I just managed to get the chicken off the grill when the thunder broke and the rain began steadily. Yay! Free water from the sky!
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Monday morning was overcast and cold again, but temperatures are expected to rise – however it was a perfect day to crock-pot some chilli and lay-in stores for the Winter. Summer is definitely over now, even if it gets hot again it won’t reach the peaks of July and August and the 100’s we saw then.


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8 thoughts on “End of Summer Rain

  1. We had a bit of everything weather wise on Sunday…. rain, sun, clouds, thunderstorm, sun thunderstorm, hail, rain, sun… Love the fall weather. It’s nice to actually be able to spend the whole day outside.

  2. October is my favorite month of the year, however, the diminishing daylight is a bit of a downer.

    Regardless, memories rush back to me of running countless cross country intervals across open, grassy fields, the smell of leaves and chasing the low autumn sun with the smack of cool breezes on the air, when fall arrives.

    The best of times.

  3. Went surfing in San Diego a few years ago for Christmas . I’d forgotten how early it gets dark and and how stinking cold it was as I sat in my campground in the pitch black rigging up heat refletors around my campfire and going to bed at 8 out of sheer boredom.

    • At least San Diego is warmer than Santa Cruz!! It’s not so much that I go to bed earlier than I like to admit, I stay up later than I really ought. Tested the furnace for function (and warmth!) and found that it works so I don’t need a “tune-up,” or at least I hope not.

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