Subterranean Rivers

DAY ONE: The ground was awful soggy out behind the house and between the shed where the A/C compressor sat on its pad, and the creeping weed that I call “witches hair” (burr clover), had grown up heavily around the corner and up onto the mesh screen surrounding the A/C unit. I raked away at it the weeds to clear the patch of gravel alongside the house and wonder what was going on. It’s awful damp around here and it can’t be the A/C just extracting moisture. We need to test the irrigation system on lines #1 and #2 that go around the house, going out the planter beds and the perimeter emitters. So we did, but after I first replaced the broken plastic spray-top on a lawn-sprinkler pop-up with a brass one. img_0935x800

With the valve #1 and then to #2 turned on “Manual,” suddenly back around the corner there’s a gush of water coming out of one of the numerous “snake” holes in the side-yard – or gophers or voles or moles or whatever burrowing critters have made homes there.
I chase the water with a shovel, uncovering the path of least resistance it has followed, digging here and there until I get up by the corner and uncover the pipes in a layered cluster of three. img_0939x750
A second run-test clearly shows which pipe-run has the flaw. #2, and it also has a very “scorched” look to it, even purple in places, as though it had been exposed to the sun and even perhaps re-purposed after being used as conduit?… It’s hot and I’m done for the day anyhow.

DAY TWO: I dig up the long run all the way down to the joint, just to see where/how-far that was – and to see if if any other failure might be visible anywhere else. The big 1-inch line is fine and rather fresh looking as is #3. The #2 pipe after the joint has the same scorched look, and I wonder how long it will hold before failure. Time to get some pipe and some glue…
UPDATE: Finito, the glue-up held. Plus now I have a big pile of granite stones and rocks that I dug out and can use for border effects. Or something.


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10 thoughts on “Subterranean Rivers

  1. Of all the jobs I hate digging the most, I think it may be the Irish in me deciding I’m above that level of graft now! you have my sympathies.

  2. Good going. I’m working on the third round of replacing runs and now emitters. Seems as every time the controllers switch on there is a another problem. Thankfully the weather is getting cooler so I can spend more time working on it…

    • One of the design flaws of sprinkler systems is that when they switch anything on, that circuit gets smacked with full pressure, which causes lots of problems. My opinion is that if it could be ramped up, everything would last longer, and threaded parts would not disassemble themselves as they do now.
      Needs a SOFT-START ™ design.

  3. I would guess that those discolored pipes were stored outside, in the sunlight. People start projects thinking that it will be done in a short time. Time marches on.

    A homesite where I have an ongoing project, has lots of those sprinkler pipes laying around in the yard, for several years now. Those seem to stay straight, but the grey conduit ones bow from the heat of the sun, and labeling gets very faint. Fortunately, the schedule 80 ones have stripes to differentiate them from the s40 types.

    Too much junk in that 3-car garage to bother storing material properly, of course!

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