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The Rendezvous is fast upon us!! There’s always the question of what gun(s) to bring, for show-and-tell, or for cool-factor, or for bragging rights at the 900-yard drum out at the Washoe facility. At the first Rendezvous I attended it seemed like people brought-out an amazing array of all kinds of stuff in mass-quantities, but that trend seems to have diminished in recent years with things getting more specific, and the weight-to-carry more burdensome.
This year I’m bringing the .44-40 Rossi 92 carbine, and the .44-40 Vaquero. I don’t believe/recall seeing a lever-gun at the Rendezvous ever before, but it could just be that I’ve missed something among the plethora of guns.
Also hitching a ride is my new #PewPewLife 9mm Shield. We’ll see how well that does at the steel games, HA!
In other news I’m bring a few contributions to the Raffle Table that may interest people. UPDATE: I have a couple of scope mounts for which I have no scopes: a .S.A.L.T 30mm (with 1-inch inserts) that’s as rugged as a brick, and a 30mm ultra lightweight Aero Precision 30mm mount.
Also I made-up a couple of blow-out kits that contain: a Sof-T Wide tourniquet, two Hyfin chest-seals (you need two), a compressed 4-inch gauze pack, and trauma shears all shoved into a in a nifty HSG molle pouch with malice clips. Included is a velcro First Aid patch. Some lucky persons could take these home.
Blowout kit

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  1. Nice job on the life-saver first aid kits. It amazes me how many kits are for sale out there, sporting alice clips and camo and generally looking very tacti-cool, but only packed with bandaids and latex gloves. Pretty much for show only.


  2. Hey pal, I hate to be an indigenous-peoples giver, but if you don’t need that Aero precision mount, could you hold on to it for me? I thought-up a new Lego, I mean, AR plan and was just about to buy another Aero scope mount….


  3. And, yes, I’m pretty sure you were one of the few to shoot a full magazine through the .458 Lott. 20 full power rounds through that rifle in one day leaves me feeling like I used to after a football game. Tired, sore, and with my bell rung at least a little bit.

    That’s one of the reasons I always bring some .458 Winchester Magnum ammo. The 350 gr. Loading in it is only about 3/4 magnum, makes it much easier to practice. I’ll have some of that ammo along too, for anybody that wants to shoot it but doesn’t want to have to spend the rest of the day covering one eye to read their watch.


  4. I don’t think it’s just you.

    I spend almost zero time on any range over 50 yards. Those ranges are great for rifle practice, but useless for almost anything else. I found over the years that I get the most enjoyment and also the best direct feedback by shooting random targets at 10 – 30 yards. That’s almost impossible to do at a range these days, but it’s what I do constantly at the shooting pit near my neighborhood.

    One nice thing about living out in the desert, I only have to go about 600 yards to shoot. I have always thought that plinking, and watching where my bullets hit in the dirt, has provided me with most of my skill because the feedback is instantaneous. You don’t have to go and look and guess which shot went where. If the little sliver of wood or empty shotgun shell bounces to the right, your hit was to the left. If it flops up in the air, you hit low. If it moves but basically hunches down, you hit it either in the center or a little high. It takes very little ammo to get really good that way.


  5. Those kits look handy.

    I’m not sure what to bring out to range day. Only a couple folks wanted to try the .458 Lott last year, and I doubt they’ll want to try it again (although Anthony expressed some interest). I guess shooting that for fun is an acquired taste. I am working on turning that into a QUIET game getter, with 570gr Hammerheads at 1050 fps, but thats not ready for prime time yet.

    Probably bring the Steyr Scouts along again, folks seem to enjoy playing with those.

    My handgun selection has gotten boring over the years. My Gen 1-3 Glocks serve my needs, but they aren’t very interesting. Can’t hand someone my Scandium Smiths to play with, they’re just BRUTAL on recoil. I sold a lot of the wierd stuff to fund our retirement realestate a few years ago. . . . . Guess I’m just not much of a gun hipster any more.

    I could bring a selection of bear defense shotguns I’ve acquired over the years of spending my summers in Southeast Alaska. With birdshot they’re not uncomfortable to shoot, and they are a little fun. Should be worth an interesting discussion or two anyway.


    • I think I tried the .458 Lott – it was a bit of a flinchmeister! If you didn’t have the yips before, that could learn you! 🙂 Sometimes just shooting out into space at that forever-range just semes a bit redundant. Like trying to see/hit even a close a target with the full-auto-stuff – probably it’s just me but I can’t see anything.


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