Fine Tuning – more Gladiator track

Started laying-in the track to get things up off the floor and on the wall. Some of the tall boxes got moved around and consolidated, mainly the Auto-und-Moto stuff, which aligns with the Toolboxes of metalworking and the left-side bench.
Garage work
garage corner
Did the washer-dryer corner.
washer corner
Then I started working on the Groundkeeping equipment-wall and the tall-box. The floor of the garage slopes away at that point (for rain-intrusion/drainage) and the tall box was listing as it stood on wheels, so time to get it up OFF the floor and onto the wall.
I measured three times to get the distances correct for the wall-track to receive the box-brackets, then hit all the studs with the impact-driver.
mower lift 2
mower lift
Then I used the lawn-mower hoist to jack-up the box and slide it into position. Voila! It dropped into the wall-track like magic.
Drop the mower-lift and pull it away to its lair by the water heater.
hoist 2
Still got a bunch of sporting-out to do with the yard-tools, but now there is (some) order from chaos.
tool wall

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6 thoughts on “Fine Tuning – more Gladiator track

  1. The spin-on feet may still reach the perimeter or floor for more support (ammo storage?). I used some much bigger washers inside to spread the load better across the back panel on those tall boxes. Lots and lots and lots of screws into every stud that those white wall brackets crossed. Also, I made spacers for the bottom of those short boxes so they would sit horizontal, instead of the shelves tilted toward the doors and then ‘whoops’ floor.

    It was a two+one garage, and the owner had boxes put on all six internal walls. The tall boxes are mounted about 1+1/2ft above the floor, so it still has floor storage space for odd stuff.


    • (UPDATED edits) Hi Ruth! You have to buy brackets that bolt-up onto the box, to drop it into the tracks – or wheels – I bought both! For the big boxes you need three brackets to carry the weight they can hold. For the little 24-inch boxes I think they come attached, or with the box. I have brackets for the others tall boxes but for now they are just on rollers so I can move them and clean behind, or re-arrange.


    • Believe me it’s a bit of work (organizing), but once done it makes the up-keep easy! The benches are heavy but very durable, yet also flexible – and since they (Gladiator) are a subsidiary of Whirlpool, I guess there are some economies of scale in terms of pricing, but it’s kinda at the upper end.


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