Get to the Chopper!

Or something. I went chop-chop-chop and got busy with the big and small lopers (and a saw), and the thick mat of leaves and branches on the ground quickly doubled in size. When Temps hit the 90’s I bailed off.
Today I bagged and chopped and cleaned up the mess on the embankment, sweating like a mule, drinking a blender full of peaches and watermelon.
Got the green-waste bin filled to the brim and now it’s gonna be a heavy pull up the driveway and out to the road, but not for the first time…I always load it up as much as I can, I guess I need the exercise.
Bin to brim

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    • That’s not a bad idea. I need to get a bigger shed to store more crap, and maybe a bigger mower, and if that then the shed needs a bigger door-opening, and electricity to the shed…


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