Gun Club Picnic-versary

Today was the Annual Gun Club Picnic. The temps have dropped to accommodate us and the weather was really fine as long as you were not stuck in traffic on Hwy-50, but taking the back-roads instead. Once again I didn’t win any of the big raffle prizes, no AR-15, no Henry .22LR or S&W Shield 9mm — but I won a Yeti can-cooler and that basically paid-back for my ticket outlay among the peanut-gallery prizes.
With our last name in the salad-making group, we brought three large tin-foil pans laden with chilled fruit: pineapple, cantaloupe, and watermelon. By the end of the event there wasn’t a bite left in sight. So good, plus the Yeti!
We met new friends *cough* (?Dave?) and Carol – and Eddy who is retiring in January so he can shoot more.
Tomorrow night is a general club-meeting and I should probably attend since I am a “sorta-RSO” and should be clued-in about things.
And today is apparently my Blogversary, going back to my first Mai-Tai Recipe post on this date in 2004. Sheesh, 12-years of this drivel, really? Please forgive my rambling. In the ensuing years I have bought and sold a number of different pistols and rifles (’43 M1-Carbine, Swiss K-31, Sig P220/P220-ST Nitron). That will probably continue as I search for a happy medium of what I can reasonably get my head around in terms of caliber-assortment, and as my perspective and direction grows and changes.
Up here in Old West cowboy-country, I now have a .44-40 single-action Vaquero and a Rossi lever-gun to match in the same obsolete caliber. I’m no longer engaged in Across-the-Course NRA High-Power matches or web-mastering the club-scores, but now I am an RSO and a CCW-carrier.
The California Gerrymandered One-Party Stupidslature is making it challenging (again) to be a gun-owner of certain kinds of scary-looking stuff, while other things that actually present a greater danger are utterly off-the-radar (duh!). Hunting is poised on the brink of extinction, leveraged by bogus science and false statistics, and an agenda-driven Leftward slant relying on the vast ignorance and apathy of the majority-urban population voting bloc. Let’s hope we can change that because in this part of the state Hunting is still a viable and necessary food-resource, and out-of-control animal population growth MUST be managed while people still need to eat.
God Bless you all.

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2 thoughts on “Gun Club Picnic-versary

  1. Twelve years, damn.
    I started following Dirt Crasher a long time ago and haven’t missed s post since.
    Keep it up son, you write purdy.


    • Shoot man, where has the time gone?? DirtCrashr once piled-into the dirt, often, because he was a Spode, now I’d have to mow a spot of grass and pile it in on purpose just to get a crowd of EMT’s.
      Thank-you for following my misadventures and u-turns. How is it I’m still growing-up?


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