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UPDATE: Two days working under the oleanders in moderate temps (85-degrees) wearing the Comp-Tac, and and the sweat has helped soften the leather and make it more comfortable. Plus I got six yard-bags filled with cuttings and the silk-tree is becoming more visible. I know oleanders can-or-are supposed to cause a reaction since they’re poisonous, but I’m wearing gloves and guess I’m not getting any of that.
the oleanders

I’m sorta on the fence about the laser-pointer. On the one hand it’s great in the dark, it’s tiny and doesn’t add weight and you don;’t need to use the sights — but on the other it adds an element of doo-hicky-ness, and the Comp-Tac holster combination isn’t breaking in very fast. The additional wide-dimension and bulk that the laser-holster requires spreads the pressure-points around a wider arc (good) so it takes up more space (bad). One of the belt clips is nearly center-of-back.
The Blade-Tech Nano holster is smaller and more comfortable to wear on a constant basis, but the stiff polymer isn’t THAT comfortable in certain positions, like driving, however it is smooth and that is nice and the retention click is very good.
Maybe I need a second, “Night Gun” with the laser. Maybe I need to wear the laser-holster combo when I’m out cutting into the oleanders and get all sweaty in order to break it in faster. There are belt-loops instead of clips I can get for the Comp-Tac that might make it fit better, if I can get them to attach – they’re not directly made for this model.

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10 thoughts on “Box O’Holsters

  1. Yeah, a good holster is something I have to start thinking about, as I’d like to carry after we move to Colorado.

    And maybe I should think about a new EDC piece as well, as carrying mu full sized 1911 could be a bit cumbersome….


    • I love my Commander-sized .45 but I’m not a glutton for punishment, and the 9mm Shield is just so, so, so much easier to daily-carry, everywhere-carry, you can carry TWO! It’s not a battle-pistol and I’m not battle-hardened or battle-prepared, I’m just a guy (with a gun, for me…).
      It doesn’t want to come toppling out of your pants when you lower them in the bathroom – try it at home first. 🙂


    • I’ve done all my training with the 1911, and it’s second nature to me to use it.

      I know, I know…a 9mm on your hip beats a 45 at home every single time!

      Maybe I’ll look into one of the “mini-sized” Kimber 45’s.


    • I’m also most comfortable with the .45 and have not trained with this thing at all! I’ll need to spend some time training with it because the size difference alone is ridiculous, but I’m thinking I would like a 9mm Commander. Doesn’t Browning make an 85% sized 1911 in .380?


    • Yeh… I wore the Comp-Tac and Shield this morning while chopping into the oleanders, and got a full-sweat on, so maybe that will help mold and shape it it. It was certainly looser.
      I really like the laser pointer because with my glasses and distance-vision and all, a secondary aiming source is very valuable. It takes time to adjust.


  2. If you carry concealed for a long time you will end up with more discarded holsters than you can even imagine.

    I’ve been carrying concealed since the early 1980s. I used to manage a couple gun stores, had no social life and a good disposable income. I also had wildly varying tastes in sidearms. If you ever find yourself really bored on this side of the hill, come by and I’ll let you wander through my box-o-holsters. It is actually a stack of drawers that takes up fully one-third of a closet.

    Anybody have a need for a Bianchi leather shoulder holster design for a J-frame that holds the revolver upside down pointing at your Brachial artery, and only secures the revolver with elastic? You can have this one. I’ve got spares. . . . .


    • Hahaha! I have one shoulder holster for the k-frames and that’s enough! With California undergoing another legislative-convulsive fit about gun-ownership and ammo taxation, everything is up in the air!


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