Fruit of the Grill

Since temperatures have plummeted down into the Mid-90’s we decided to grill. Chicken thighs were rubbed with a fine-grained, spicy curry-turmeric rub, and another batch with a McCormick “Cowboy Rub” that is much more coarse.
Also a Pasilla pepper was roasted to remove the tough skin and prepare it for Gazpacho, and a red-onion was cut into two pieces for the same – but we ate half of it anyhow. And there were hot-dogs too, and lastly bacon to slow-grill.
UPDATE: I like chicken thighs (boneless-skinless) because they are not so sensitive to drying-out as breasts. Get ’em up to 160-degrees on the thermometer, yank them off the grill and pop them in the pan where they will continue to cook – and they’ll stay juicy.

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