Munich Muslim Mayhem & Murder

UPDATE: Another Islam-inspired attack by a machete wielding Muslim “migrant” in Reutlingen kills a pregnant woman and injures two others before being run-over by a BMW driver and subdued. Now in Ansbach, another Syrian-Muslim suicide bomber exploded outside a wine-bar killing one and injuring at least twelve.
Islam is a virtual disease, a parasite upon the host-body of Mankind and metastasizing.

I am saddened because Bavaria is like Germany’s Texas, and the old city of Munich is beautiful and cultured. But the placid, Germanic, surroundings and exurbs that radiate out from the Stadt-Zentrum are not particularly noteworthy except as examples of Teutonic countryside. My last visit was the alp-ride tour, back in ’98 and I will probably never return.
Munich Rathaus
My recollections are of the warmth of Summertime and the rolling hills that mass-up, piling higher and higher into the Alps. My happy memories are of Paulaner lager and country Biergartens with tents on a lawn, and heaps of food on a picnic table, of Gothic spires and towers with automatons that played the glockenspiel at noon to count the hours.

But I also recollect the short train-trip from the airport to the ‘burbs where the biker gang gathered, through a mean industrial landscape of harsh concrete – and Muslim women in near full burkhas keeping a sullen distance. I was not impressed with what Germany had become in that respect, requiring “guest-workers” to propel their industrial might while lazy liberal Burghers whiled away their retirement.

My German high-school exchange-student friend lives up in the north, near Cologne and far from Bavaria, in a somewhat drab town that was re-built literally from scratch after the war, as some of the most intense fighting had occurred in the surrounding area and most of the cities had been leveled to sticks. His job in a big housewares company has seen him succeed up the ladder of the upper-middle class, and his family is as Liberal as can possibly be imagined. They vacation mostly in Spain with a set of German friends, and he has a wife and a mistress – and I don’t really feel like I know him anymore…

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  1. I’m no great world traveler, but somehow or another, two of my European trips began with a landing in Koln, and a third with a landing in Munich. So like you, I have great memories of those visits. And like you, I recognize that I will most likely never return. So I share your despair at watching what seems to be the slow, self-administered yet somehow contented, euthanasia of Europe.
    Just an aside, but as a non-scientific observer of the casualties wrought by the Religion of Peace, I’ve noticed that there seems to be three tiers: By far, the most bloodshed still takes place in the Muslim world itself (whether en masse via civil war or intra-familial via honor killings), but Europe has lately established itself on a solid second tier, with the attacks becoming so regular that one wonders whether Europe’s flags will ever again see full-staff. Meanwhile, the jihad against America still slumbers in a semi-nascent state, with attacks against the Great Satan only cropping up occasionally, yet at the same time, with the biggest target writ on its back….


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