I got the Shield 9mm, and some more magazines are coming – and a replacement recoil-assembly. It’s so petite in the Bladetech Nano. Now I need to stock-up on this new-to-me caliber. Moar ammo!
So with that in mind another chore: I re-stocked and re-organized my ammo-shelves and cans, a worthwhile project. Maybe a laser-pointer in the future.


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11 thoughts on “New EDC

    • Indeed! Worry about the gummy-worm trigger later. UPDATE the MagLula thing is an absolute necessity with these tiny bullets, fat fingers, and hard little magazine springs.

  1. Yep. I love 1911s, Pythons, nice Smiths. I basically carry Kel-Tec’s and Glocks, with the occasional J-frame kit gun. Go figure.

  2. Welcome to the Dark Side. They (Shields, Glocks, XD’s, M&P’s) have no soul, but they are excellent tools.

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