Diggins’ Dug

Oh what roots there are, each frantically searching for moisture. The pine tree seeks each joint and union, some wrapped in a think web of tiny roots, snip-snip with the clippers.
My wife had removed the lid of the box before we demolished the rest of it, then we threw down a tarp with the wooden lid on it and began to dig.
The length of the pipe-array is more evident than the depth. And so many roots were cut and dug out. Some big, many small, but everywhere invasive and probably what caused the lines to fail. Several double-roots ran in tandem the entire length of the PVC pipes and had to be removed.
More work tomorrow.
UPDATE: Lizard-level panorama:
The new taps:

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3 thoughts on “Diggins’ Dug

  1. I’m sure that you will eventually discover that one of the lines from one of the valve banks supplies coolant to the reactor buried between the septic tank and the bomb shelter/underground lair that some previous evil genius had installed.

  2. Ahah! No anti-backflow valve on the hose fitting. Probably not needed at your place. They are a PITA.

    What happened here was tree roots separated the incompetently glued joints of the plastic water lines. And the sewer line. Idiots. Still, they may have outlasted those idiots, as it’s been 40 years, I think.

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