Ten Days to Cow-Town

Simply could not resist the little 20-inch barrel Rossi Model 92 clone-carbine at my local Happy-Gunstuff retailer, something to keep my .44-40 Vaquero company, and at very reasonable price. Comes with the original box (that says Interarms) and manuals, and is un-fired. Older NOS gun with No weird safety on the receiver. Looks a lot like this (but is not this) with a black-ish stain on the wood: (not my picture). Ordered-up a bunch more ammo from Lucky Gunner, this is coming to the Gunblogger Rendezvous XI with me. Woot-Howdy!
Rossi 92 .44-40

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11 thoughts on “Ten Days to Cow-Town

  1. I’m still annoyed that my dad sold the Model 94 in 30-30. Five or six digit serial #… Guy had no sense of nostalgia.


  2. If the butt is concave, with a metal liner, you might want to order up an Action Products Kick Killer. It’s a leather, lace-on pad that looks the vintage part but has modern shock-absorbing polymers in the butt end. I got mine from Cabela’s and it turned my Rossi 92 from a painful kicker into a fun shooter. Your shoulder will thank you.


    • Hey my friend, I appreciate that! It is indeed concave and steel, with some edges that look like they could use a good radius! The stock is not quite as pretty as the one pictured and looks like it was stained with black shoe-polish.


  3. I just LUVS me some lever action rifles!

    My little Marlin 1894C in 357 is one of the sweetest shooting guns I’ve ever fired, let alone owned.


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