Irrigation Destination

Cold and windy this morning with temps in the low 60’s instead of the low 80s’ by 10AM. This is not the usual weather pattern I am familiar with, but a return to 100’s is expected by the weekend. There is still snow up in the Sierras and a few resorts are still making snow for Skiers. Maybe we’ll have skiing again on the 4th of July like back in ’81?
Yesterday my plumber friend came by to check it out. Seems the 1-1/4″ main is split before the house-water.
Makes sense that a larger main for “real” irrigation existed before the house was built, and remnants out in the field indicate it was capped at one end near the deck after construction.
The big gate-valve is working now after much neglect and non-use, must have had some crud in it. Plumber-guy is going to get commercial-quality valves and re-do the Manifold this or next week. With water restrictions still in place I’m only watering Tuesdays and Saturdays before 10:00AM and after 6:00PM – but conditions aren’t that bad so this will work out OK.


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