Magnaflow Destiny

…with Edelbrock headers. My friendly Local family-run Tru-Value franchise held a Summer-Special event with hot-dogs, lemonade, and popcorn on their 36th Anniversary – and a drawing for a Poulan 16″ chainsaw, a Stihl weed-eater, or a Weber kettle BBQ. What a nice bunch of people. I went there to buy a four-inch wide trowel to dig-out between the pipes, as the shovel was too unwieldy. I won a nifty neck-cooler towel at a Spin-O-Wheel game run by a couple grade-school kids. I should have worn that digging this thing out! But a day in the sun catching rays is alright.
I forget is the Belmont Stakes a Mint-Julep, a Gin-&-Tonic, or Whiskey Sour kinda race? I don’t think I’ve ever had a Whiskey Sour – is it OK to use Rye?

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  1. This might help… Remove a head and insert an electrician’s fish tape (a long flexible metal band) into the pipe. Use a metal detector to trace the route. repeat as needed.

    • My plumber-buddy came by to check it out. Seems the 1-1/4″ main is split before the house-water. Makes sense that a larger main for “real” irrigation existed before the house was built, and remnants out in the field indicate it was capped at one end after construction. The gate-valve is workign now after much neglect and non-use, must have had some crud in it.

  2. Having spent most of my formative years in San Diego and Orange County, I remember well all of the nailing inspections and other oddities unique to the Golden State. Earthquake Codes.

    That 1″ pipe? Fill the system with MAPP gas, and strike a spark? *grin* Hey, at least you [I]would[/I] find where it goes!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    • There is evidence of earlier irrigation out across the driveway by the propane tank where a row of redwoods now stands, and a broken 1-inch pipe. But here is a capped-end close to the deck that may have supplied that. I just have not un-earthed everything yet!

  3. I’m very thankful that my yard is small enough, literally, for either hand watering, or just setting a square-pattern sprinkler with four or five moves.

    Now though, I’m digging out a 4″ deep layer, on several kidney-shaped dead zones, that’ve not grown so much as a weed since Hurricane Ike in 2008. Some kind of Superfund Site contamination, I’m sure.

    The three test patches I’ve done with a blend of replacement soils, fertilizer and finally, Bermuda seed that’s actually growing. So now, on to the rest. About 30% total of the front lawn, with none needed in the back.

    And I’m about to eliminate a 13ft. wide x 16 ft. deep section of lawn, immediately outside of the back porch. Yep, time for a good deck.

    In Galveston, that’s gonna require blueprints, engineering stamp, and Texas Windstorm Certificate. The house sits on pilings driven 36 ft. into the ground. I’ll have the deck sit on 4ft. deep pilings, but bolted into 4 ft. dia. reinforced concrete footings, settled with a mix of riverbank soil (1/2 sand), mixed with lime, and rammed hard, in six inch layers, till six inches below grade. That last six inches will be an inch of rock for drainage, and topsoil w grass.

    Every wood joint, union, saddle, etc., must be secured by strips of heavy galvanized steel, heavy galvanized wood screws (8 long, 5/16″ dia.) or bolts, and pass various inspection steps along the way.

    Long and short of it, is the structure must withstand uplift force from a 150 mph wind, from any direction. In other words, it can’t fly away. It can’t even wiggle, not even a tiny bit.

    I’ll try to remember to take lots of pics!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    • We don’t have to worry about hurricanes and 150mph winds like you guys down on the Gulf, but up here forest-fire is an issue. This damn sprinkler system is pissing me off, too. Where the hell does that 1-inch pipe lead-to?

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