Twenty bags of brown onto the hillside by the drive, in two loads of ten, to keep the weeds and grasses down and set-off the quince bushes and ground-cover.
ten bags
Also finished the trail up to the oleanders, sixteen steps – making the oleanders easier to cut-back. It’s all shaping up but nagging issues include the irrigation valves and controller, and I think the seat on the gate-valve that supplies water to the sprinkler/irrigation system needs replacing because even turned off there’s a drip. Oh well.
One of these days I might even blog about guns again.
UPDATE: Cousin-It got another haircut from Mr. Black & Decker.
Wife did not like the spherical nature of the bowl haircut, “It just looks so…round.”
So I made some alterations to square it up and and give it a flat-top.
Cousin Elvis02


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4 thoughts on “Arf-Arf!

  1. I don’t know if you got shredded or chipped bark… If you got chipped I hope you are aware that it floats, and on a bank with a steep incline…
    Jeez, I feel like Ms Downer saying this stuff. I need to go fix my Dad’s sprinkler line now and leave you alone. You are welcome to delete this.

    • Nah it’s OK! We figure the bark will do it’s thing over the summer and decay before the rain washes it all down into the gully! There’s shredded bark on the other side of the house where I want to put in a French drain with rocks, and it get’s taken up and moved to where(ever) I transplant the lillys and such. It’s Saturday so I get to run the sprinklers! (until 10:00am)

    • I am killing Cousin Elvis with embarrassment. One of grandpa’s brothers who (also) came to America, had apprenticed as a shrub-tender in England specializing in boxwood hedges, wound up working at some big estate in Connecticut.

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