Cutting Trail

UPDATE: Not content to let the trail lapse where the stones ran-out, I went out and bought six more. The overhanging bush in the path is a huge overgrown bower of white oleanders that needs whacking-back. So this AM while it was still relatively cool in the mid 70’s I attacked. Whack-whack, chop-chop. We have neighbor-friends coming to visit Wednesday so we want to make it presentable. Must remember to vacuum the house too.

The steep part of the embankment begs for better accedes so I picked up some irregular pavers at Homie Despot, and cut into the hillside. I might need a piece of rope tied to some stakes for a handrail on the steep section!
embankment path 1
Looking up the embankment from the bottom;
embankment path 1a
I watered-in the steps so the dirt would turn back to concrete-hard and lock-in the steps.
On the other, less steep end going up into the aspens Birch trees, I had already laid a bunch of circular steps that we had taken out of the Low Granite Outcropping, where once a bunch of pink Azaleas had been (which are now gone from there and replaced by slow-growing, ground-cover Manzanita). So now getting up into the outback is easier.
embankment path 2
embankment path 2a
In other news, the new phone has a better camera and higher resolution pics – but is still a basic flip-phone.


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9 thoughts on “Cutting Trail

  1. Don’t forget to measure ranges, set field-of-fire stakes and draw up range cards for each firing position.

    Oh, and cut in some covert escape & evasion paths, leading away from the beautifully landscaped killing zone you’ve so cleverly designed and….ummm….executed.

    And just for fun? Put out a sign with a skull & crossbones, and the word “MINES” in stencil-font.

    Let’s see how many of your visitors n’ guests get the subtle humor in your landscape enhancements, shall we? *evil grin*

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  2. Wow, you are making head way. Where are your aspen, looks like there are some birch trees in the photos? I love quakies (aspen), but it is too hot for them here. Birches don’t do that well here either and are short lived in this area at best… dang

    • One of mine is dead, so they don’t do that well here either! The leaves are heart-shaped and serrated, so it’s birch here (had to look it up). 🙂 I guess I had thought it was an East-Coast/West-Coast term, and birch were Easty – but I was wrong.

  3. Now that looks more like my kind of yard work. We have bought and installed almost $3,000 worth of pavers and retaining blocks since January. But, on the positive side, I don’t have any irrigation to maintain.

    Now just spreading 20 yards of decomposed granite and 30 yards of gravel and this yard will be done. Only 2 more to go. Gotta Love rentals.

    Your place is looking awesome. That’s really nice work. It’s fun to follow your progress.


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