Irritating Troll

UPDATE: Turns out these valves aren’t half-bad, they’re just old and need to be in a box or cover to protect them from the UV’s — and I can get them for less than Amazon prices at my local nursery… Score!IrritrolUndermount
Flipped Lid
Solenoid City“Irritating Troll” (which might be the Reddit sub-title of my blog) comes from the covers of the drip-irrigation system, “Irritrol”… Marketing-fail.

Which reminds me of an engineer guy I worked with when we were building the interactive On-Screen Guide, who wanted to start-up his own company.
As brand-savvy designers, writers, and marketeers he came to us and asked our opinion of a company named after his specialty line of work, doing engineering protocols.
We advised him that it sounded like a specialty all right, but a company called “Protocology” also sounded a bit…medical. Was he familiar with forceps and the speculum, etc?
He started a company under a less “catchy” name that was more clearly about his skill-set and went on to do quite well – I think.

Anyhow, one’s lost its lid, a dirt-catcher rotates far too easily and, [Jerry Lewis Voice:] “Hay LADY, you need a couple new Solenoids!”….

I need to dig it out a bit more and see what the lower-end connections look like, whether it’s glued-up or threaded – and the fixed-distance valve set-up is something to take into consideration too.

Then there’s the wiring…

Meh Dentist id gud buth thoo things at onth ith a bith muth. Crown AND filling, same side upper.


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6 thoughts on “Irritating Troll

  1. The only threaded parts I’ve seen in lawn type irrigation systems are the tees and elbows where sprinklers or standoffs connect to the runners. Even those valves you show are normally glued, which is a pain when they go bad.

    The only reason for threads on the sprayer units is they often get broken when doing lawn maintenance, or driven over.

    Hell, they don’t even use threads on house main water lines. The builders figure that if they haven’t blown the joints by the time they fill in the trenches, they’re home free. Just a bit annoying when a 40 year old bad glue job finally lets go. Damn things are working teir way toward the house. Figure there is at least one more joint, probably two, still to blow in the front yard.

    • Oh goody! More to look-forward to! The house was built in ’87 so things should begin to go downhill (except fro all the re-model stuff)…

    • I gots to do me a little diggin’ in this 100-degree heat (only about 78 at 7:00AM) but if I can figure out the standoff distances (4-1/2″ or 4″) I could switch to Hunter-brand valves… Gotta see how the unions connect from the ground-up to the manifold. Meanwhile SUMMER is here in the foothills and with it temps in the high 90’s!

  2. I just love the thought of having to water the garden, God provides here and in my opinion he is way to generous on the precipitation front.The family and I arrive in Ca in 6 weeks time and if I see a single raindrop I will not be happy!

    • If I had a well then it wouldn’t be bothersome, but paying El Dorado Irrigation District ditch-minders the same old Miner’s Inch for water is a bit tiresome!

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