Manifold Destiny

Meanwhile, back at The Ranch…our hero is engaged in a semi-aquatic struggle. I had turned off the sprinkler system through Fall while the celestial inundations of El Niño blessed us with drought-busting quantities of sky-water. valve array Now in the end of Spring we are approaching the traditional no-rain Summer and I’ve been fiddling with the pipes and leaky bits. The whole manifold leaks at various joints under pressure and I think I need to replace all the solenoids and maybe the valves. They are exposed to the afternoon sun and are simply baked.deck emitter
I’ve been testing the system and am frustrated with the opaque operation of main timer-board.
The button-press settings don’t seem to do what I expect, and I had to fiddle with each valve to identify just what circuit it controls.
One of the deck-side of the bunkhouse one of the field emitters had broken tips and needed replacing, while the whole set-up for the planter-beds was spraying water at each valve-lid.
They all sit exposed in the sun, and since the plastic was pretty crumbly we went off to Home Depot for replacements and tools.
Getting away from the Wide Open Prairie we return to the bunkhouse lawn to discover that one of the pop-ups had shot its little brass spray-head wad creating a fountain — and ALL of the pop-up themselves are pretty over-grown and need cutting-out from the dense grass just so they function. pop top
Meanwhile up on the Embankment I ran a 25-foot feed up to the fence-line drip-line and re-connected it with a T-junction. 100-feet of new fence-line hose has replaced the old crappy one, and now I can proceed to run individual lines down from that to various plants that I don’t want to see die.Embankment feed

“Happy Memorial Day” never seems to be the right thing to say on this day of remembrance for all the fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen who died to preserve this country. God Bless them.

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4 thoughts on “Manifold Destiny

  1. If you are using any pop-up sprinklers, the plastic ones are good only for about 5 years of trouble-free function, no matter what brand. After that, they start to get sticky, and that is when they start to die for various reasons. Even the metal combo ones aren’t much better. BTW, always select taller popups than you think you need for lawns.

    One of the aggravating problems with those things is that they WILL un-thread the body cap, and/or the sprayer head, and launch the parts. The shock of the sudden water pressure hitting them is the main cause. Wish they had a soft-on valve that could ramp up the pressure to avoid this. Couple times a season they need to be checked/tightened, as the only time you usually discover it is when they turn into a fountain, and waste a lot of water.

    • Thanks for the tip! The one metal combo pop-up had shot it’s brass head off, and there was nothing to do but dig it out. I was surprised at how far submerged it had become in the lawn (all of them actually) and can appreciate your advice to get the tallest one!

  2. Good luck with getting that sorted out. Memorial Day is a day to remember those who didn’t come back. Nothing Happy about it…

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