Hydraulic Impediment

The concrete retaining-wall stones had been overturned and cast awry and about in a jumble. In the early spring I had removed about sixteen in order to build a walkway up the embankment – or so I thought. Talking with my neighbor across that fence however and finding them too small for stepping-stones, I returned and re-stacked them – somewhat haphazardly.
Hydraulic Impediment
The drainage from his pond overflow needs to function un-abated. While this year was unusual, it was also perhaps a sign that the 10-year drought is coming to a close so the wetness needs to travel-on. Nothing lasts forever but I think I might try to re-do this with a bit more “regularity” and add some river-rock stones to the catchment “bowl.”
In other news I made further mowing incursions into the waist-tall weeds, but one path lead nowhere and I hit the limits of traction, got stuck, and had to lift and pull and yank – eventually backed-out.Prairie_Panoramax1000with text


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