Cousin It gets a haircut.

That’s an old-old reference that many of today’s young Social-Justice Warriors might take offense to since it implies a hirsute-normative and male-sexist hairy-ball patriarchal agenda. The girth of the growth has been reduced considerably – by a couple feet anyhow.
UPDATE: Sorry that pic lacks scale and perspective so here: Redshirt beamed down onto Planet, what could go wrong?
In other Patriarchal-Normative man-cave events, the old (2001) 50-gal water heater in the garage has been replaced by my Plumber-Butt-Normative friend Bill, and is all to-code in-process to get a re-circulation pump going so water isn’t wasted while waiting for global warming, local warming will do it for us in an immediately intensified yet Byzantine and somewhat steampunk circuit. More soldering and pipe tie-ins on Tuesday, while the hot water is useable now.
UPDATE: And then we got some weather. In the midst of bright sunshine it was spitting down rain on one side of the house and not the other.:

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10 thoughts on “Cousin It gets a haircut.

    • Being at the confluence of the Valley and the Mountains we get some interesting stuff rolling in, things we just couldn’t see in the busy flatlands because of buildings and density and meh. The thunder-and-lightning of last weekend was close-in in a way that we never got down there.


  1. Wait, did I hear you right? Did you say your patriarch has hairy balls? But she has a suit named Norm and prefers sex with males? No wonder they take offense!
    Or maybe I’m just confused… Too many big words….


    • Also wasting water pushes my bill up and makes me think of putting in a well, but those are expensive too and no telling if its limited to “agricultural” or appropriate for consumption. I don’t need to water the field if it’s just gonna die every Summer anyhow. 🙂


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