Second Cut and Paint

Made the second cut of the Prairie on Sunday, and had to pull the air-cleaner just to get the mower started. Time for a new one – and for an oil-change I bet. The 21-hp Briggs & Castration (spiel-chucker) runs pretty strong except if I run the seat back too far (all the way) and the riderless cut-out takes effect, or if I leave it with the mower-lever froward. I’m still adjusting to running the mower but I can’t get out into the real swampy stuff until it dries so the weeds there grow taller unabated except for applications of Round-Up.
Later my Neighbor came by to show-off his 52-inch Husqvarna mower, and ripped up and down the left side in a display of raw power – now I haz Jealous. John Deere? But the door to my shed is not big enough. Bigger Shed?
In the afternoon I stacked the acacia wood next to the house and wedged it up with a box of cedar wedges from Home Depot to provide airflow through the lumber. Then I took-down ALL the “fencing around the planter beds with a 8-lb sledge, and removed about 200 nail-brads using a magnet on the claw hammer to keep track of the rusty little bastards so they didn’t fly-off and disappear into the tan-bark and make it a tetanus-soup.
IMG_0524x1000Paint where there’s supposed to be paint is the small closet at the Low Granite Airport Outcropping, the small coat closet in the center of the house. It’s only about ten-inches wider on either side of the small door, and has a shelf at (my) neck-height. It stank. I think they kept the kitty-litter box in there, and then spilled perfume to cover the cat-stank. The new carpet didn’t assuage the odors, so I set to priming it on Monday with Killz, and then a color-coat to finish it off today. Small and confined spaces are hard to paint and I got stripes on my elbows and neck.

Godspeed Merle. 79 is young these days but he had a lot of hard miles on him. I always thought of him as the Charles Bukowski of Country, but mainly for the way he looked.

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6 thoughts on “Second Cut and Paint

  1. Try: Simple Solutions Stain and Odor Remover. In pet stores. Works on concrete and carpet, and clothing and suitcases. I don’t think I’ve had to use it on wood, yet.


    • The question is whether it will reappear later. This can happen when things are covered over. I’ve seen walls in a rental cottage of a couple who smoked for many years. They were merely painted over, judging by the reappearance of the yellow tint and smell that bled through. Yuck!

      That stuff I recommended uses an enzyme to change the offending materiel, IIRC.


  2. Had a rental property that had animal smells. There are companies that can eliminate it if the killz doesn’t handle it. Look for the guys that do mold remediation (they also get rid of asbestos, usually) I think they use industrial strength hydrogen peroxide, but that may be to kill the mold. (I had problems with that too.)

    Best of luck. animal stains are the worst. I’ve had to replace hardwood flooring because of cats.


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