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The stylistics of the fixtures at The Ranch are considerably different from the linear and mid-century look at The Low Granite Outcropping, much more cottage-esque.
At the Ranch there’s an overall continuity and emphasis on oil-rubbed bronze rather than brushed nickle, from door-knobs to hinges to ceiling fans to faucets — except in the Master bath that remained un-renovated because the prior owner(s) builder-contractor was too busy actually living in the home, and with two tiny-tots busy in every way.
So gradually I have been replacing Master-Bath items, moving from chrome to oil-rubbed bronze – and was delighted to find a replacement throne-handle to match the paper-holder. Little things.


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8 thoughts on “Furnishings & Fixtures

  1. Like brushed nickel or antiqued,
    positively hate gold fixtures… and that is what mom had installed in this entire house when she had it built. Mom’s not here now, and dad doesn’t care, so slowly… ever so slowly the gold is disappearing…

  2. My wife has a deep hatred for any brass or gold finished hardware. One room at a time, everything from toilet hardwear and faucets all the way up to painting the door frames on the mirrored closets. Then, when we move from one this house into another in the neighborhood, it starts all over again.

    Looks lots better, though.

  3. The Better Half and I have all bronze fixtures in both baths. Now I’m gonna have to go find a couple of loo handles and toilet roll fixtures in bronze. Looks great!

    • Had to fiddle with the chain-height and “angle of attack” to ensure the proper clearance of the Moen lever with the Kohler tank innards, but it managed to pass muster. Home Depot has a variety of others if this is too ornate, there are more contemporary style models.

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