Egg Hunters

The neighbors on the ranch host an annual Easter Party with an Easter egg-hunt for kids, and sack races and all sorts of stuff, topped-off by music and a band in the afternoon for adults who linger. It’s really a pretty big deal and hundreds of cars showed-up, parking along the road and at the old drive-in.
One fearless kid quickly got up for a ride on the zip-line. IMG_0481x1000
Colored eggs were in abundance.
And around Noon an airplane came by and made several LOW passes dropping Easter candy out an open window onto the hillside, and pulling up right over the treetops. You could hear the yells of delight as all the kids ran down the hill to collect that haul. Fun!
Meanwhile today, promised rain turned to snow up in Sly Park but nothing hit the ground down here…

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8 thoughts on “Egg Hunters

  1. Looks like your weather is highly variable right about now, which is always the way it is this time of year around here. Gotta keep all wardrobe possibles at hand. PITA.

    And then there’s tornadoes.

  2. Good times! One Easter my SIL dropped eggs in the alfalfa field by his house, from his plane wearing a bunny suit. Funny as all get out.

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