Grill Season

IMG_0474x1000Spring is Sprung and the weather is great until the next storm. The pasture is still soggy in the bottom but the plants and weeds and dandelions are rushing up to meet the sun, and everything is lush and green. It’s a temporary but welcome condition before everything turns dull-brown and gold, and dries out.
We greet and enjoy the outdoors with cookin’ – but it is with a small, 1-lb bottle camper-grill that met the limitations and requirements of Condo living. The Weber “Q” functioned quite adequately for many years, and we even replaced the cast-iron grate once (because it was left unattended-to and became ugly-gross-dirty), but here we have a real full-sized deck with a seating area, and much to celebrate including visitors! The last time I did the marinated lamb-chops I hit the temp-numbers but failed the proper sear-test, so while tender and juicy they just missed the char-broil flavor – and they took-up the entire cooking surface-area which slowed-down my flipping them around. I’ll keep this one for camping, but I need a bigger grill with more cooking surface and more burners and MOAR stuff!
I like the shape of the little one, and the cast-aluminum construction makes it easy to clean so maybe just getting a bigger one would work – but there’s a whole world of char-broilin’ out there to investigate and I am perusing the variables.
1.) It might be nice to have one that did smoky-stuff too like wood-chips for flavor. I am no expert Grillmeister or RibsSmoker, so the new gadget-oriented devices with automatic pellet-dropping stuff is a bit weird and I’m afraid to buy something with unfamiliar features or a steep learning curve. Call me old-school, or just timid.
2.) Do I really need a side-burner for beans or whatever, or could the stove inside take care of that?
3.) We used-to have a little Magma-brand marine kettle grill that used “lava rocks” to distribute the heat and that made for very flavorful cooking as opposed to bare stainless steel…
4.) ?

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6 thoughts on “Grill Season

  1. For the one you’ve got now, get the hose adapter that supplies off of the classic 25 lb. propane IED raw material bottle. Build a six-bottle rack up in the rafters of the garage, and you’ll be set for extended periods of SHTF, like when the wind blows down power poles, etc.

    And if I ever manage to make another West Coast circuit, just remember. Lamb is entirely suitable to serve to guests. Just thought I’d point that out. *drool*

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    • There is room in the garage-rafters! I’ll remember that about the lamb, a good marinade for lamb is 1/4 cup olive oil, half a lemon (juice), minced garlic (3-cloves), and a minced shallot – with salt and pepper. 🙂 I’m Brit ancestry but don’t get the mint jelly thing, and not too keen on rosemary.


  2. I used gas grills for the last 20 plus years, but will be getting a pellet grill before long. Have used my fathers one for 5 years now when I visit him, and the results are amazing. A bit pricey, but the results are amazing.


  3. We bought one of these for our SF apartment about 8 years ago and its still going strong. Just keep a supply of the foil drip pans on hand and you shouldn’t have any problems. I bought the larger propane tank attachment but have yet to hook it up.


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