Overcast all day and the cold rain spitting down again. At least the weed-and-feed got watered-in last night (in the rain).
Dropped-off my re-renewal application at the Sheriff’s Office. Fiddling around on the bench, loaded some empty magazines. Soup for lunch – quiet day.

BUT then the utterly grotesque: Obama posing in Cuba for a photo-op, purposely arranged in front of the 6- or 7-story tall Che Guava frieze, and standing at attention.
What a disgusting louse, with the Mussolini chin-up pose yet again, celebrating an evil they refuse to name, because Che was basically Castro’s own Heinrich Himmler, the architect and executioner for Latin American Communism and Warden of the first Latin American Gulag.
Somebody tell me again how National Socialism & Socialism are so different.
Finally we’re subjected to a “teachable moment” lecture on American “shortcomings,” while a notorious Communist racist-murderer-executioner & homophobic-killer (and Che was a homophobe not just in the “I don’t want to cater a gay wedding” sense, but in the “put a bullet in that queer’s brain” sense) — not only get’s off scot-free, but is Celebrated by an American President??
Appalling hardly begins to measure the revolting nausea I feel.

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3 thoughts on “Gray

  1. I saw that picture you mention, of our pathetic excuse for a CIC standing in front of the Che frieze, and the first thing that came to mind was the famous photo from 2008 or so, when he was standing nonchalantly for our national anthem, no hand on heart or even a rapt look.
    Contrast that with the picture from Cuba and it’s obvious where his loyalties lie. What a POS.


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