First Cut

It’s about one hundred feet from the deck to the edge of the cut out there, and 260-feet from fence-to-fence, left to right and using the Google maps measurement tool that’s about a total area of 15,127.87 square-feet. The brown patch where the burn-pile sat has been dug-out and I’m ready to seed it and the other brown patches. Also got a couple bags of “Weed and Feed” to tame the dandelion population and in hopes to give the grass a chance. Now that it’s been cut once I can use the tow-behind spreader to distribute a mix of seed and feed.
We hauled the good dirt out of the burn-pile and dumped it in the trench along the far-distant fence line, some 300-feet away, out by the black cow. Found a lot of nails and other junk that we keep raking-out.

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14 thoughts on “First Cut

  1. It’s probably too late, the ‘net being forever and such.

    But, you should really pull down this post, and every other one dealing with your backyard moisture problem.

    Before they declare your property a navigable waterway or “waters of the USA”, “Migratory Bird Wetland”, etc., and subject you to more red tape than you could possibly have imagined would even exist in this and countless galaxies.

    And no, I am *not* kidding about this. Put all that info under the radar, now and henceforth. Pray they don’t scan the ‘net, and discover a new, fat and juicy target.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


  2. Could you stash some water tanks along those banks, and pump that spring water into them for future dry spells? Might help to get that bog dried out somewhat. If not, you might get a handle on how much water the ground holds near there.

    My sister put a large plastic tank at the top of her hill, that was used to give her water pressure at the house, which was just above the river bank. Water came out of the river that ran through her property, which nearly vanished by the end of summer, some years. Crazy river, could go from a foot deep to twenty feet in an hour or so, and moving maybe 8mph, at least. Just add rain, and wait an hour.


  3. I don’t get why you aren’t cross fencing it with a solar hot wire and utilizing the grass. You may be able to trade neighbors feed for meat.


    • It’s not like it’s even actual “grass,” it’s a combination of just wild-ass all-weed sh*t-stuff, with no real grass at all. If I let Old Time neighbor graze his cattle and one gets injured? I don’t have a tractor big enough to haul-out a dead cow. Plus Eminent Domain.


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