Haircut: loping and chopping

My embankment workers returned to give the second plum-tree-on-the-driveway a haircut to match the crew-cut on the other side — also to thin both trees so they wouldn’t be so overgrown inside and let some light in. After cutting, the guys piled-up the “hair” on the gravelly slope in a huge bunch and it was rained-on for three days straight – and today we attacked it.
0309161101-haircutIn the meantime Shasta Dam/Lake up north (the reservoir with the greatest capacity) has risen over 15-feet! and to 81% of full – with all the wet Global Warming that’s falling from the skies. That’s HUGE!
I dropped the F-150’s tailgate and attached the bed-extender gate, threw a tarp down into the bed, and we began the process of reducing the pile for transportation. Chop-chop-chop.
Whenever the fluffy stuff got too tall, I got into the back of the truck and chopped some more. A number of larger branches were deemed fit for the burn pile once dried so nipped and loped and chopped the smaller branches and hauled-out those big ones into another pile. Hair
We began in the early morning right after coffee and a banana, while dew covered the branches and the truck’s windows were glazed over with mist and moisture, and ended around 11:00 with a fully loaded back-bed, covered with a tarp as per the CHP transportation rules ($500 fine otherwise) and set off to the dump, er…”transfer station.”
Cost of trip was $12.0315161606-Springtime

After a nice lunch while the cows grazed in the far pasture, we returned to assay the cleaned-up embankment, and decide where to plant the bright orange flowering quince shrub-hedge — and I raked up enough extra hillside junk and blackberry bramble to fill the yard-wast bin for next week’s pickup. Good cardio.

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7 thoughts on “Haircut: loping and chopping

  1. Why not burn it all? Less work.

    One of the reasons Lake Shasta was down so far was millions of hectare feet of water dumped for the Delta smelt. Whose to say they won’t dump again now that they have lots of water?


  2. One of the tools I’ve been using lately for overgrown tree/bush growth is one of those double blade circular saws. A little awkward to hold higher than shoulder height, but there is NO KICKBACK due to the counter-rotating blades. Cuts very fast. It also works on fairly small branches, since the branch isn’t trying to move with the blade, like it does with a reciprocating blade type. Works well for chopping up long stuff piled up for disposal.

    One of the problems I occasionally run into is having a slice of wood getting stuck between the blades. This is quite noticeable by how quickly the blades stop turning when you release the switch. You have to dismount the blades to clean that out.

    Not a perfect tool for the job, but if it will do the job, it is very fast!

    I just cut up a recliner that someone left outside in the rain to get moldy. A well-built LazyBoy, hardwood and plywood construction, with lots of metal bits. I wasted time trying to unscrew various items to disassemble it so it could be pieced out in the trash bin. Finally grabbed the saw and had at it. Cuts right through the support springs, the outer cloth and foam and all the wood. Couple minutes had it sectioned into chunks for disposal.


  3. Oh the joys of owning a home. My yard is one big swampy mess – though it has started to dry out. So I have been finishing some interior painting. Next up – replace a column by the front door. And then I probably need to paint the exterior trim.

    Living the dream.


    • Your yard too? At least I am consoled by our western location and dry conditions. I only really have to mow the acre of stuff once or twice before it dies back between the end of May until November.
      Livin’ the dream, dreamin’ of…a huge fountain out in the prairie and a gigantic water bill! (It woke me up, that dream!)


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