Yard Cleanup

The 20-yard box arrived yesterday at 4:00pm and I thrrw the scary bird-witch houses into it. In the hours before the skip arrived I was raking leaves from beneath the row of young redwoods and making discoveries. IMG_0419x800
The row of trees still had their wooden upright “stand-posts” next to them, those upright poles that are put beside a young tree to help ensure it grows up straight and not leaning or at angle – and one was still attached.
Also behind the propane tank was a green mystery-wire and the remnants of an earl/old drip-line system to the trees
A local entrepreneurial kid has been hired to clean up the brambles and overgrowth on the West hillside, about 150-feet long, including a couple of trees that need trimming-back and a tree-sized growth of blackberry-bramble that needs cutting-out.
But we have rain expected Thursday, about an inch. Should get interesting.
I bought a 16-inch flat screwdriver at Home Depot to help in removing blackberry brambles. They seem to repeat after touchdown, and are skin-nasty, so I put on some elbow-length goatskin gloves used for pruning rosebushes and was able to attack and uproot (as much as possible) six of the bastards.
Along the way I found a broken drip-line. It looks like the possible source of my water-puddling/flooding in the fall. The automatic drip-line valves have been turned-off since Fall due to the inundation of El Niño rainfall, saving me Irrigation District water-cost a plenty.
Also a root about the size of my forearm I believe emanating from the huge old “butterfly bush” up on the embankment that appears to go down deep into the “water-trough” runoff area. With a root that enormous I think it’s safe to prune the living crap out of that gnarly beast and still not threaten kill it.

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7 thoughts on “Yard Cleanup

  1. I’m going to need a similar 20 yd. dump, when the time comes that my step-mom exits this mortal coil. There’s that much clutter and junk in her house.

    Pity that Roundup doesn’t clear out old magazines and newspapers.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    • We just about ran out of space with that box, but we packed it down! The amount of stuff at may parents’ house will require a 30-yard box to start…
      Some kind of old-newspaper dissolver would be good – why do people keep them??


  2. Might want to prune out the butterfly bush, and then spray it with roundup. Those things are invasive as heck, and non-native, as are the blackberries. The blackberries could be sprayed with round-up as well. It takes several applications. We cleared a quarter acre of blackberries that were six feet high that way. A lot of nasty vermin lived in the blackberries, including some large cranky rattlers…


    • Thanks Birghid! The Butterfly bush has a huge stump, and it’s going! There’s two actually. And my neighbor/hunting partner has some special-stuff for blackberries that requires taking a class and “certification” – which he also has done. Now there’s an extra hour of daylight in that yard without all the stuff looming over.


  3. Nothing like the spring ritual of arboreal archaeology.

    I discovered a rubber or plastic flowerbed border, the place where the builder dumped all the small construction waste, a pile of owl pellets indicating the resting perch of our neighborhood barn owl, and that my back hurts.


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