Well Regulated

Got out to the range in between storms and had a chance to check-out Grandpa’s old ’03 Remington iron-sighted .30-06 sporter that has taken countless deer – and a black bear up in Alaska (by my Uncle). We were at 50-yards and the very fine front blade was a bit difficult to see. I stopped after this shot. Then I diddled around with the new-build AR. Not quite the same sensation. “Ain’t many things a man can’t fix…”
UPDATE: The original .30-06 as a sporter:

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8 thoughts on “Well Regulated

  1. Same thing happens to me every time I take out my Steyr Scout rifle. Shoot 5 or 10 rounds through it, hit everything I was aiming at, and ask myself again, “Why do I have other rifles?”

    Enjoy that legacy ’03. There’s something about an inherited rifle that cannot be duplicated. Cooper once wrote, when asked what kind of rifle to bring to Gunsite for general rifle class, “I tell them to bring the rifle their father gave them. Sadly, it appears that many of our students did not have fathers.”



  2. It’s like comparing your big-twin BWM to your ring-ding KTM. Different purposes and different ways of gettin’ there. But both eminently enjoyable when used within their intended purview.


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