The Irish were everywhere in the Medieval Period, including this monastery high in the Alps in Switzerland where Irish monks held up the Light of Civilization and painted these 9thC. frescoes.



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    • There’s a moment afoot in Ireland lead by lefty Sinn Féin (which supported Nazi Germany in WWII) to accept more “refugees” and “migrants” than the small inland nation can possibly support. Lights are going out in Europe.

    • The European elites of the EU-Soviet are importing a news voting class of labor because that’s how they best understand to exploit Marx.
      The citizenry are being replaced – it’s not quite like here in the US, but our elites look to Europe or South America for the same method of power consolidation. Chavez’ children have many millions in Swiss banks.

    • Sigh… Yeah, I get it. But it’s still suicide.
      Do you think those Sharia-lovers are going to move in and mesh seamlessly with the Euro/One World elites’ plans? Fat chance! It’ll be a revolution followed by a caliphate, and those elites are all going to be fleeing in their bizjets to whatever islands of sanity are left over.

    • Yeh I don’t think they thought the whole thing through. There will be unintended consequences and a more variable outcome than they anticipate. Or they already have their island retreat picked-out.

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