Snow Levels

Yesterday started-out foggy and overcast but began to break-up around 11:00am when we drove up the hill some fifteen minutes to the historic Sportsman’s Hall in Pollock, to see the snow and have lunch.
Amy the owner greeted us, and we went through to the big dining room and found a table by the window. Next to us was the 94-yr. old Marine Artilleryman who survived Iwo Jima (and more), with two younger women (but older than us) presumably his daughters.
We watched the snow fall onto the parking lot and trees, and had a burger/salad. It was nice be so close, yet in a few minutes far-enough away from the snow.
In the afternoon we prepped the outside grill for lamb medallions. The sun was out and the sky was a striking bright-dark gray with a end-to-end rainbow, and suddenly the temperature dropped chillingly and sheets of hail swept in and began to cover the deck.
I put on my rubber boots and a hat and attended to the lamb. It had been marinated in yogurt with turmeric, coriander, and cumin – delicious.
This morning the sun came up like a ball of crystal fire in clear pale blue sky, and then a flock of 21-geese flew in to land and nibble at the edges of my swamp.
More rain is coming but a brief respite for now, Happy February!

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7 thoughts on “Snow Levels

  1. Geese we have.

    In droves.

    More like rats with wings around here, and they get aggressive at times. And crap on your car, and the excrement is just everywhere near any open body of water. Parks often get overrun. Too bad we can’t just break out the shotgun and take a daily limit on them.

    Here’s to an early spring.


  2. Beginning to think I might have slightly misplaced the pin in the map when we picked our retirement. 50 miles east of you we’ve been shoveling about 8 in. of that rain off our driveway and sidewalks, refreshed daily since Sunday.


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