Damn the Torpedos!

We have firewood. The log pile needs a little work, but there’s gravel underfoot so it’s not as bad as appears. I’m told the big stuff, “that have all the energy in them,” need to move topside and to put smaller pieces on the bottom instead. Okey-dokey mr. Physics Professor friend.
For my Birthday I went to Home Depot and bought myself a little 5-ton log-splitter (electric). That evening during a lull in the monsoon I went outside and around to the woodpile to grab a couple large rounds. No RTFM, I just plugged it in and split them inside the garage. Nice!
Also while I was there I bought myself a new Kohler flush-pot. The little old “round” one of dubious and ancient manufacture in the Master en-suite never made it through the previous owner’s renovations. I need a throne that is somewhat more age-appropriate (comfort height) and also “elongated”… HBTM it’s good to be King of my Domain.

That’s a stock-pic not the correct or current tile or wall-color but I have not yet begun the over-haul and in the end it will be much closer.

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6 thoughts on “Damn the Torpedos!

  1. I’ve been splitting a bit lately, and the 8 lbs. Council maul gives a good workout, while making the ash split rather spectacularly.

    Sometimes, I’m really wanting the convenience of good hydraulic splitter.

    Good luck.


    • The Maul…how do you get your wife to hold it for you?
      Mostly oak here, and with my left arm feeling a bit dorked, the cheap inexpensive Home-Despot Homelite brand electric/hydraulic splitter – as long as it lasts a season or two – seemed a good alternative.
      At least I’ve even heard of the brand-name Homelite before, the “Earthquake” brand version from Tractor Supply is similar arrangement of motor/piston/etc., but reviews were very mixed, and I’m just pleased to be away from Earthquake Country! (Also never heard of it.)


    • I’ve burned quite a bit of oak in the past several seasons with good results and even some hedge, which is both hot and slow to burn, and gives off some resins that make it pop and spit occasionally.

      The splitters I’ve looked into run the range for price, with the US made versions costing more than I paid for my pickup, but I don’t need to split 10 cords in a day for weeks in a row. Hell, I’m lucky to go through a cord or two for an entire season, so the mauls (I now qualify for the title of axe junkie in my wife’s view) will continue to get regular use.


  2. You are turning into such a geezer….
    Unfortunately, I’m ahead of you on that curve. In fact, I just splurged on a down comforter, ’cause my toes don’t stay warm on their own anymore.
    Remember that picture you drew of me as an old man, with a full-race walker? I’m almost there, pal.


    • I am coming around turn #4 and rapidly closing the gap! We have a electric mattress-pad for cold nights. Should I buy a pony? I DO remember that drawing. Sheesh, I haven’t put pen to paper in a longing time.


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