The Meadowlands

The sun came out and the temps climbed, but my gunshop is in the middle of a new-year inventory/audit so I couldn’t yet go pick up the ’74 S&W 19-3 four-inch.
Meanwhile I had to get some of my wet burn-pile cut down to size and into the yard-waste bin today, so I worked with the loping sheers and got a sizable portion into the garbage can – enough to make it quite heavy and hard to pull up the driveway slope. But got ‘er done!

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8 thoughts on “The Meadowlands

  1. First dry day in 75 days tomorrow so I’m going to attempt to emulate your efforts although apparently there is an off chance of snow…oh well!


    • We’re getting a break in the rain for just a day before more storms roll-in off the Pacific/Alaska!
      We just don’t get the month-plus long days of wettness, because we’re a desert really. Also Drought prone.


  2. Seconding part of what Will said, we picked up a little Gorilla utility cart from Lowes on sale at $90. This thing is amazing.
    Pneumatic tires, steerable, nice strong handle long enough to use even for a cripple like me, and with a dump feature to make emptying it easy.

    I thought it was going to be a less stressful alternative to a wheelbarrow for my back, but we wind up using it extensively. In the last 24 hours I have used it to haul firewood that we choppped out of downed tree limbs, and used it to carry a toilet out of a bathroom that we are refinishing without any problems with drips. It’s amazing.

    Also, the bigger ones can be towed behind a tractor. So much better than a wheelbarrow.



    • We got one of those too, but from TractorSupply, it smelled like a Chinese rubber factory for six months, out-gassing!! Way-better than a wheelbarrow, and the dump feature is excellent. The trailer I have for the mower also is a dumper.


  3. Don’t you have a riding mower? You can put trailer hitches on them. (I think my Dad’s had one on the front, also) Then you can haul a small wagon with the bin in it. Or fill the wagon, and take it to the bin.

    Harbor Fright carries the wagons, and does Tractor Supply, IIRC. $75 or so, depending on type.


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