Edicts from the Ant-Colony

It’s a very 1st-World thing to worry your head over and obsessively preoccupy-about: how much food is thrown out because: Abundance! The “Natural Resource Defense Council” self-elected members who lecture people on food-use and food-waste are obvious candidates for job termination, since they can quit their work and go eat garbage (as they would have us do) and survive fine, and nobody would miss them. The Parasite Class has to be diminished somehow.

The good news is that ants are not going to take-over the world since they are not as productive as once thought. Under the News heading, “Just because they look the same doesn’t mean they all act the same.” It has been established that not all ants in the hive are productive at the same rate. There are “lazy” ants who don’t do all that much and still benefit, much like the Parasite-Class of Bureaucrats who inhabit Human Civilization, Ant-Civilization has it’s share of slackers:

“…the level of inactivity is consistent for individual workers, but differs significantly among workers, that is, some workers effectively specialize on ‘inactivity’. We also show that workers have circadian rhythms, although intra-nest tasks tend to be performed uniformly across the whole day. Differences in circadian rhythms, or workers taking turns resting (i.e., working in shifts), cannot explain the observation that some workers are consistently inactive.”

Daniel Charbonneau, who led the work, said it was still unclear whether these ants were performing some other task within the colony that required them to be inactive. He said: “As much as 60 per cent of an ant colony is inactive at any one time. There are individual differences in inactivity levels as there are some workers who are always more inactive than others.” They also found activity tends to be seasonal, with more idle ants in the autumn than in the mid-summer.
So fear-not lazy computer-gamers and video-slackers, your unproductivity is simply unrecognized work! All that ant-shaming and tales of busy worker-ants by your elders and betters and managers and the Executive Class is just a bunch of blowhard busybody nonsense!

Meanwhile in Muslim Egypt – formerly the Land of the Pharaohs and the cradle of Civilization, the wheat-grower which long sustained The Roman Empire – today imports about half of its wheat, corn and other staples, and spends about $15 billion a year in food subsidies. Few nations are as dependent on food imports as Egypt and it is in fact, the world’s largest importer of wheat. How the mighty have fallen. And so it is that the only people who raise pigs are Christians, because under the complicated strictures and rulers of Islam pigs are considered “unclean.” However the (remaining) pigs are necessary to eat the huge piles of garbage that the Muslim-Majority constantly throw away – and so the Christians who tend them have a purpose and are tolerated. However they are abused and degraded as also-unclean, and their situation is poor and the conditions that Muslims force them to live-under in ghettos as garbage collectors and pig-tenders is lousy. Muslims hate and despise pigs, but are bound-to them and require them for actual sanitation purposes. Not surprisingly Islam is a political-religion built on human frustration, and the irony is unending.

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