A bit about the Weather

It’s been the usual cold and gloomy winter, with outside morning get-up temperatures in the low 30 and high 20’s. Snow has come to the Sierra and the resorts are all bustling – this is an El Niño year so we’re getting our water-allotment in the high-Sierra snow-pack – and in the form of ice. The skiers and snow=-boarders love it and so do the resort owners who all shut-down early last year after minimal snow and only a few operating days. That’s what happens up here and always has been thus, this is not “Climate Change” this is Climate Normal.
The Christmas Eve Tornado that blew up from El Dorado Hills had been observed snorkeling across Folsom Lake and sucking up water before it advanced up the hills through our neighborhood, so that would explain the massive hail-storm that accompanied the weather-cell.
Such weather events happen rarely in the extremely mild and boring climate from which we escaped, but the potential exists for earthquakes. I know how to ride-out an earthquake, it’s like surfing – but a slow-moving tornado was a new experience. Fortunately it un-formed as it went by overhead, or just went around me. The roof is well insulated and only ever makes the slightest noise from the downspouts when it rains, but this hail-hammering was very audible and in 20-minutes it just dumped all that Folsom lake water and ran out of steam – or ice.

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  1. I don’t know what kind of roof system you’ve got on your abode, but were I you, I’d find the most respected roofing contractor in your area, and have ’em give you a free inspection.

    If you’ve got hail damage that’d merit an insurance claim, they’ll tell you. And an honest contractor will tell you when you lack such damage, or if some, it’s not heavily damaged enough to sustain a claim.

    Should you need to file a claim, then a good contractor will be there with the insurance adjustor, side by side, making sure that you get every detail of your roof written into the claim.

    So, if you have a typical shingle roof, I’d suggest you go to Certain Teed’s website, and find the closest Select Shingle Master contractor to you. And yes, that’s the best product out there in it’s class….all the other national manufacturers have pulled a heavy percentage of the asphalt product out of their shingle, while only Certain Teed has never cheapened-down in the face of higher oil prices. Weight per square is the clue here, and there’s a reason that all the other makers quit publishing their weights about six years ago.

    But whatever roofing system you go with, follow the same rule you would with a gun. Quality pays for itself in the long run, and we don’t rely on carrying a Hi Point when we can opt for Sigs, S&Ws, Colts n’ Rugers.

    Oh, and the outside part of your HVAC will be covered for hail damage, as will all your screens, planters, yard ornaments, etc.

    Find that contractor and have a look see. A roof that your insurance pays for is the best bargain going for your house.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


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