White Christmas!

One of the interesting features of the Ranch is the paint-job the previous contractor/owner did on the interior. It’s a two-color, spray-texture job that antiques the whole place, and he shot the paint from top to bottom – meaning the ceiling is also done. I can’t imagine the amount of over-spray, or how he bagged the place up to keep paint out of where there aint supposed to be paint. At any rate it makes touch-up a challenge – but I do have remainders of both the colors, in buckets in the garage paint cabinet.
It’s been a while since I shot paint, it was something we did in theater – mainly with stencils and stuff over very large areas. In fact I once had a sweet (expensive for me) Paasche 1-quart siphon spray-can for the artistic crap, but that was before high-volume low-pressure and just when airless spit-sprayers were coming out – which I have never operated..Iin fact if I remember right we were doing just the opposite! High pressure, low volume. Meh, and cleaning the damn thing all the time between colors was a pain. When I departed the Theater World, I left it for them in the shop to compliment the other guns.
So I’m thinking a Wagner Flexio-something from Home Depot might work. It would be nice to have two jars of color ready to swap back and forth…
hail-sizedriveway02drivewayUPDATE: Christmas Eve Tornado-Warning! The cell phone lit-up this afternoon around 3:00PM with a National Weather Service “Immanent Extreme Danger” text-warning, and suddenly the drizzly gray-day got exciting.
A tornado had been spotted down the hill and was being tracked on radar and the stormy-cell was headed straight at the Ranch. It started to rain and the rain turned to hail, and then it really came down. It’s a bit discombobulating to have an event like that here in ranch-land with no basement.
The tornado itself was forming and un-forming as it hit the hills, moving at about 20mph so there was ample time to track it on TV. I put on a rain-jacket and watched in the hallway as it approached, and the angry orange blob on doppler radar went straight overhead.
There were some pretty fierce cracks of lightning and immediate thunder, but apparently it had un-formed at the time as it bounced up the landscape, and perhaps the house sitting on the down-shoulder of a hill was protected by natural topography. I didn’t hear any freight-train sound and we didn’t have any damage, just an inch and a half of hail that dropped in about twenty minutes, covering the drive and filling the yard with a White Christmas! Since the tornado was observed and photographed, it’s on record.

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