Consignment Sale

Tuesday opened with a 9:00AM Dental appointment: digital x-rays and water-cleaning. The guy is seriously high-tech up here, way more than the Dentist we had down among the BayAryans. The appointment went long as there were a few issues, and insurance will cover them but I need to get in before year-end to optimize my insurance and get one hind-quarter crown done-up right. Another appt. on the 30th. Sigh.
Around 11:00AM we hit the road for a visit with the Spousal BFF up in Newcastle on the Highway-080 corridor, and lunch at Noon at Christine’s Bistro further up in Meadow Vista. Quite nicely done there at the Bistro.
Also there’s a restored ’48 John Deere Model-M up there in Meadow Vista with accessories that I might have to go and search-out, but I’m putting the Tractor Plans on Temporary Hold while the ideas germinate and advice seeps-in.
The whole Placer County environs are woodsy-hilly pines mixed with some oaks, as the mountains climb-up past Auburn to the freezing heights of Emigrant Gap and the day was COLD. Hwy. 80 is the main traffic-route over the Sierras, so Big Trucks rule the asphalt and you better watch out or you ass will get run the hell over. Generally it’s not bad, but the 80-Corridor area-culture in general strikes me as a bit too Marin/Mendocino-ish along that side, with a great sampling of simplistic-stupid holistic-emphasis businesses catering to Hippies. “Reflexology” parlors and other health-quacks and patchouli-scented enterprises. Bleh.
We went shopping in Grass Valley, which like the little town of Weed that burnt-down last summer, I am convinced more than half the population is there simply because of the name alone. All the stores in the town are More Marin-Napa than the ranch and cattle-country of El Dorado County, or Amador County to the south.
A boutique wine-tasting room presented some rather forgettable vintages and only one palatable Sauv Blanc that tasted-out more like a Chardonnay. Meh. She who must be Obeyed found a nice plaid shirt with snaps in another store where the heavy-set proprietress seemed perpetually grumpy.
Seems like 3:00PM arrived sooner than we knew it and we headed back down the road and a “Cowgirl Shop” for country fashions. But in deference to me Teh Girrrlz stopped at Foothill Firearms, where the BFF bought a “Zombie” airsoft-type pistol-shooter for her adult daughter as a stocking stuffer. The daughter is a teacher in Sac and has a thing for Zombies – IMHO a proxy in this PC-centric culture (her’s anyhow, especially as a teacher) for that which cannot be named – and almost everything cannot be named! The kids these days are incredibly stifled and corked-up by PC Culture and their vocabulary is limited by Correctness, and filled with mine-field word.
I found another 19-3 .357 with a 4″ barrel and quickly swooped it up. SN# dates it to 1974. WOOT! All-in-all a good day.

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