Chunky Global Warming

I picked-up the two small (6′-diameter) patio umbrellas up off the deck where I had laid them down because of the freezing wind and rain. Actually one had laid itself down, due to the wind, but was not broken. This morning at 6:03AM it was 21-degrees (and still dark as hell), so I bided my time and enjoyed coffee and waited until around 8:00AM when the sun had risen-up higher and the temps hit 41.
Pushing on the umbrella rib-arms, the frozen canvas barely moved. The big umbrella was tied-up tight and secure, but it too had lifted itself onto its side earlier – despite the huge weight, and fortunately nothing (obvious) was broken. The crank-handle worked better as leverage against the freezy-fabric.
Guests had departed and Sunday was just cold and wet, so a bright and sunny Monday was welcome. Looking out over the pasture-prairie I wondered what I was gonna do with this plot of land. Maybe nothing. But it would be cool to have a tractor. But then I need a bigger shed to house it – and that’s in the planning stages, or at least “thinking-about-planning.”
But I want an old tractor, not a new one. Cool would be a International-Harvester, but then I would have to buy an International-Harvester Corp. M1 Garand. Those are way-cool and everybody needs an M1, or two or three…
There are worse problems to contemplate…like a strife-ridden and nearly suicidal PC-driven “Society” twitching in convulsive chaos with itself. WTF happened to Western Civilization? And so with that, then a “battle belt” with enough modern-ammo capacity, rounds and magazines, to handle whatever the armor-rig didn’t, stuff to withstand the storm and fog of Political Correctness writ large. Tourniquets.
A friend likes Massey-Ferguson tractors for various reasons. I don’t know tractors from cars. I know trucks, or at least prefer them to cars. And bikes – somewhat, I mean that it’s been ages since I could spin-off weight, speed, and torque details about mechanical things.
But a red tractor would be cool.
UPDATE: 7:05AM Tuesday, 22-degrees.
UPDATE-UPDATE: 5:59PM Tuesday, 36-degrees.

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11 thoughts on “Chunky Global Warming

  1. I’d second the diesel engined tractor idea.

    Noisy, but they have terrific low-end torque and their efficiency is typically much higher.

    Diesel can also be more easily stabilized and stored than gasoline too, another great characteristic for SHTF-type stuff.


  2. better yet a fordson tractor, you can restore it with nuts and bolts and washers and cotter pins from a hardwarestore. And do an engine rebuild and transmission job, just about yourself.


    • Uh, there’s one in Sac on Craigslist for $4200 that looks pretty rough…and another in Atwater for $2200…and a ’59 801 Ford Select-O-Speed up outside Carson City, NV! I’m gonna need a trailer to haul whatever it is.


  3. Okay, it’s 23.5F here now. And Denver set a new record for inches of global warming, i.e. snow, on this date.

    Other thought on a tractor. Get a diesel. That way, when society collapses, you can run it on bio-diesel, which might be a more readily available fuel. I mean, you can make it yourself, provided you have a source for vegetable oil. Heck, you might even be able to run the tractor on vegetable oil, without making bio-diesel from it. Based on my trivial amount of knowledge, it’d be hard to wrong with a Farmall.


    • God advice! Whenever you make a substantial investment you have a buy-in, guns are no different. I have a close friend who has particular views on tractors, favoring Massey-Fergeuson due to attachments I believe. I know old Fords could run on any kind of frog-juice you ‘stilled up in the yard – and that was one reason they were popular until the ATF got hog-wild after Prohibition.


  4. Sounds like globull warming missed y’all… And +1 on Jed! But a Ford 8N is old, and you can still get parts!!! Tractor Supply carries them, as do Ford Dealers! 🙂


    • Many (many) years ago, I learned to drive one of those Ford N-series tractors. I have no idea which one it was – I was just a kid. Of course, on my uncle’s dairy farm, my cousins knew how to drive the thing. So I got lessons. This was “vacation”. Well, as a kid, yeah, it was fun. Not sure how old I was, but it was before high school.

      I hadn’t known this, but looking around the tubes last night, I discovered that some (most?) of the Farmall diesels are dual fuel. You start ’em on gas, and switch to diesel once they’ve warmed up.

      It occurs to me that something that’ll run on alcohol if need be might come in handy, post-SHTF. You are planning on building a still, aren’t you?

      But, if you really want to be ready for the apocalypse, you’ll go with steam!


  5. Well, !Clauswitz, one thing we know for sure, is that there’s so damn much information about old tractors on the web, you’ll make yourself delerious trying to take it all in. And now you’ve made me think of old Jeffro (RIP). He’d talk your ear off about tractors. And Frank James passed on none too long ago as well. That’s the limit of bloggers I know of, who’d know about tractors. But I’m sure there’s a lot of ’em out there, so putting up the ‘tractor bleg’ post could be a method here. Of course, you might get more info than you want.

    One thing I do know, is you should have a good idea of what sort of attachments you want to run, before you pick the tractor. There’s different ways of hooking things up, and you’ll want compatibility there. As I understand it, there’s some standardization on drawbars, hitches, PTOs and such things, but variation as well.


    • My buddy who likes M-F tractors has his perspective based on attachments attachments. What do I want to run and how do I want to alter the landscape is the big question… I was thinking a disc thing to break-up the topsoil and kill weeds. Maybe a log-splitter.
      If I want to dig a trench I have the mighty KTM and a gnarly rear tire!


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