Pilgrims of Carnage

As the self-combustible worshipers of the Caliphate wake-up in the morning, punch the alarm clock, brush their teeth, and go out in daylight to do their bloody business, the thing to recognize is that as McLuhan said ages ago, the Medium is the Message. KA-BOOM!
Thanks somewhat to the extraordinary exploitation by millionaire-asswipe Zuckerberg, an entire GradeSchool-to-JuniorHigh-to-HighSchool-to-College society of exemplary and exceptional narcissists exists. A whole generation brought up on a steady diet of superiority-complexes and gold-stars for losers. And with their own vain self-attention in the spotlight, Social Media trumps CNN and the BBC and even Al Jeezero. (This also encapsulated Trump’s success, he is bigger than the MSMs and their pantywaist douche-darlings.)
With that in mind and with San Berdoo as a touchstone, don’t expect the next bomb-slaughter to go-off in the concrete canyons of NYC, Lost Angles, or Miami – it doesn’t need to. They already won in Paris. Terror-Couture is dead.
For Terrorism to succeed it only needs to rampage near ANY major Media-Market, where The Media can oh-so quickly Vulturize it, and catapult it into the 24/7 attention-deficit lime-light of perpetual vomiting regurgitation, and guarantee success through the Sauron-Eye Attention of the Press.
The Location itself now is declasse. It can be Niagara, not NYC. It can be Cupertino, not San Francisco. The Caliphate does not depend on capitol cities, and it isn’t driven by attendance at CBGB or any hot club. It’s a flash-mob that makes it’s own hotter-club wherever it wants. It’s wherever it takes for a junion-Jihadi wannabee or two to ignite-up in self-combustion and bomb-belt head poppin’…

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The semi-sprawling adventures of a culturally hegemonic former flat-lander and anti-idiotarian individualist, fleeing the toxic cultural smug emitted by self-satisfied lotus-eating low-land Tesla-driving floppy-hat wearing lizadroid-Leftbat Califorganic eco-tofuistas ~

4 thoughts on “Pilgrims of Carnage

  1. I’m given to understand that Barry is going o tell us all how good it is with the recent events, and that it never would have happened at all if it weren’t for us filthy gun owners, or something similar.

    Interesting times are upon us.


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