I noticed that the furnace was cycling on and off a lot because of the cold, so I adjusted the thermostat for various points of the day and reduced the overall temperature and load…but neglected to go out and check the tank-volume. Didn’t change anything while I went off camping and hunting. Last night it stopped cycling. Hmmm… Cold this morning, and quiet. Out at the frost-covered tank, the meter read zero. Oh great. Too early to call the Propane guys’ office, this is not really an emergency per-se.
The furnace is a dual-type A/C unit up in the attic crawlspace, and one item on the Home Inspection Report that was conspicuously absent and noted was a platform for a technician to service the air-conditioner/heater. Anticipating that might be a bit of a sticking-point with the service tech, this morning (after coffee at 6:30) I set-up the A-frame ladder and went up to measure the vacant space across two ceiling joists. Fortunately there’s a light up there with a regular wall-switch, so I didn’t have to fumble around in the dark with a flashlight wishing I had six hands.
Out in the garage were a couple long pieces of nicely finished 3/4″ply left over from the old garage bench demolition. I had saved them just for this occasion, but it was too damn hot all summer long up there to do anything about it, and besides Necessity is the Mother of post-Procrastination. Today in the morning it was a nice 50-odd degrees up there, and there was light to work by – so I measured off the required length and spent a moment with my battery-powered DeWalt skillsaw in the chilly garage.
Up in the attic after a bit of crawling and space-shifting between the insulation wrapped ducting and the tangle of romex cables, I got the piece where I wanted it and screwed-it down securely. There was another open spot that I though could benefit from a stepping point and keep random feet from punching through the ceiling, so I found a smaller piece of nice 3/4″ ply just perfect to fit there. Accomplishment unlocked.
Ok, so they’re coming tomorrow, and I now have the infrared heater going and I have a fireplace with wood and kindling to keep warm until then. What a dumbass.

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