Paris the Endarkenment: the utter failure of Multiculturalism.

Oh great, now there’s gonna be another run on ammo and magazines. Obama’s not the only great gun-salesman around, the Islamist do a pretty good job too. [*whistling* ~loading magazines~] And the dipstick-lickers in the Media keep saying nonsense about peaceful Muslims. Yeh, sure some are, and some are also just acting-up proxyies for them.
They’re here and they want to kill people, like recently in Merced. There’s no longer any deniability factor.
The Paris auditorium/Concert-venue was NOT a “Hostage Situation” – no demands were made or “trades” asked or offered. The attack was a pure and simple mass-murder: a free-fire killing-field. They went about their bloody “Holy Work” of conversion, killing people. Shooting them one-by-one with bullets, and by twos-and-threes with grenades after a signature self-explosion kicked off the Carnival of Death Bloodbath. And no quarter or demands were made (or given) at the other FIVE hit-points in Paris.
Nobody was yelling “John 3:16!” – they were yelling “God Is Great!” – but not in English – nor is it the same God they are calling to or talking about. It is the pre-Arab god of the Moon, from the moon-worshipers of the sand-lands. What kind of Religion advocates killing, rape, slavery, lying? Islam does.
Perhaps it’s a knee-jerk reflex, but after seeing people getting hit a couple times, thank God it’s still a reflex to be prepared. I’m just not gonna go out like that. Oh wait, I’m losing track, that was five. Five more…done. Start another one. Damn these puny little California-legal 10-round magazines! There’s a Jihad-oriented self-defense lawsuit just waiting to be written over that numbskull restriction imposed by the Stupidslature – not by any vote of the People. Ok, and another one… Twelve all told. Need s’more, and probably some kind of rig-thing with lotsa little pockets. Maybe a over-the-shoulder pocketed’ bandoleer? Maybe just a big sack.
All these little 5.56 rounds make you appreciate a couple bandoleers of .30-06 for the M1 Garand. That big dog can hunt.
UPDATE: I bet the gun-range is gonna be really busy tomorrow.


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19 thoughts on “Paris the Endarkenment: the utter failure of Multiculturalism.

  1. “most concert-venues have guards and screening ”

    You think this will help? They have minimum wage unarmed guards and the screening is for the concert goers, not the jihadists who walk in after the concert has started, kill the “guards”, and start shooting.

  2. Semi shotguns only for now but any port in a storm.time to go through the process of qualifying for large calibre rifles here,not easy but time may be short.

  3. Consider increasing the number of reloads you carry in your shoulder rig. There are a number of magazine holders with more than the standard 2 mags capacity. I’ve seen a multiple speedloader rig somewhere, but can’t remember who makes it. One benefit is getting a more balanced weight, so the gun side doesn’t slide lower.

    BTW, the best prices on new Aker rigs is at:

    I don’t know how quick they ship, though. Currently waiting on one.

  4. I think this will take some people to the next level. I think the rose-colored glasses will have to come off, both in the administration and politicians, and in the media. This crap is coming here, and it’s just a matter of time. Lock and load.

    • I’m sure it’s here already. I have been passed on the Highway by a car-load of angry looking bearded-young Muslims – so there’s a training camp around somewhere disguised as a summer-camp for youth. All their “church” work and “youth” activity is training oriented, the whole structure of Islam, from the top-down is all about training in the Koran, and that includes doctrines of warfare. And there’s a no-girls allowed policy to most of it.
      Meanwhile the Scientology-like mind-games (and training) entrap the youth and create dammed-if-you-do/dammed-if-you-don’t situations described in double-bind psychology theory that is very mentally disruptive and psychologically destabilizing – they are not seeking to tame the inner soul but to wrap it up and bind it to some kind of desperate which makes for easy conversion to suicide-bombers. In Zen Buddhism the conflict is described as an answer to an UN-solvabel riddle that leads to enlightenment by letting-go off the Ego – but under Islam the frustration is harnessed to acts of violence condoned and endorsed by the Koran: rape, war, killing, enslavement of others. That’s why they have a “no girls allowed” policy for much of what is trained, and the girls (who are captives themselves) are only encouraged in public displays of reduced importance – like clothing…

    • Bullshit. How much do you want to bet that if even ONE mosque is fire-bombed, the Euro authorities will put just as much effort into rooting out so-called “neo-Nazis” as they’re putting into investigating the radical invaders inside their own borders.
      You want an example of the real affect? Read the Nov. 14 editorial of the San Francisco Chronicle. In a nutshell, they’re more worried that yesterday’s attacks might put a damper on the international “Climate Change Conference” scheduled for next month in Paris, than they are on continued attacks or the inevitability that it will happen here.
      Lip service, flowers and a few extra French flags — that’s all we’ll see. Then in a few weeks it’ll be back to business as usual: the decline of the West — full steam ahead!

    • They already torched an encampment near Calais, let’s hope the Euros get their inner Hunchback of Notre Dame on and start some fires. But Muslims are better know (and Leftists too) for inciting their own panic by torching or defacing their own Mosques/”safe-spaces,” so if one get’s burnt better hold onto the Big Grain of Salt.
      IMO the biggest potential danger of a Mosque fire is to its neighbors, when all the weapons, C4, and other ordnance explodes! Those bombs don’t make themselves!
      Also OldNFO is in Texas (and VA), and asking anybody outside SF Echo Chamber/Reality Distortion Field to take a Comicle editorial seriously (or even read it) is…not gonna happen I think. But we believe you, they’re Progressives and care most about being eaten last.

  5. When I turned on the radio about 3 PM, the reportage was that some of the theater “hostages” were sending desperate texts, saying they were being cut down one-by-one, slaughterhouse-style.
    My first thought was exactly what the Muslim assholes want — horror. But my second thought was “Thank God for the 2nd Amendment.” My guess is that if they tried that here, at least ONE of those hundred would be armed… Or maybe I’m just whistling in the dark.

    • They could get away with it in LA or SF where there are no guns to fight-back, but most concert-venues have guards and screening – maybe not in Texas, I dunno. I do think the 2nd Amendment is a benefit and a deterrent, to terrorists and to an overreaching Gov., and the Right to Self Defense is an unequivocal Human Right.
      This representation of Islam shows it’s true side as enacted today in many places. It’s not “Peace” – it’s hideous and utterly foul and barbaric – that is the only-best description, and that’s what they want for the rest of the world. Not airplanes and dreams of Mars, or Star Wars and Cinderella – they want a return to Rule by cruelty and barbarity.

    • Yeah, you’re right. They don’t want liberty or civilization or the fruits that result, what they want is dominance and slavery and child rape, and murder of those who don’t believe in all of the above.
      All the worst instincts of the animal in our souls.
      “A thousand years of darkness” doesn’t describe it. More like an eternity of darkness.

    • Don’t get all moist about the Second Amendment. It will be useless when the attack comes, because the attackers are not stupid. They’ll hit a theater, a school, or a hospital, in other words, a gun-free zone. The same thing that happened in Paris will happen here: unarmed, defenseless people will be slaughtered until the police show up.
      They want high body counts. High body counts mean soft targets. Soft targets mean gun-free zones. QED.

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