Go with the existing standard guards, or go Magpul…or go free-float tube, the costs accelerate. Whatever the case I want FDE. I tried my friend’s Magpul MOE SL hand-guards and they handle nicely with a bit of extra length – slimmer to grip and longer than these big old fat stogies. All my other AR’s have free-float hand-guards including the white Oak upper with the standard “look.” The Noveske just looks like a cheese-grater but it’s not, there are no sharp edges because they threw the Sasmson tube in a tank with pebbles, or media blasted-off the sharp corners. Anyhow, the fun continues!


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6 thoughts on “Handguard

  1. Recently did my AR’s with the OD Magpul handguards.

    It didn’t occur to me until finally fitting them and handling the finished product more, but the cross-section of the grip is somewhat similar to the old 60’s era triangle forend…and it works.

    I need some trigger time to really vet the whole thing, but it’s promising.

  2. You live in the country now… So make yer own outta PVC pipe (schedule 80 [the gray kind], of course).

    • I’m still waiting for the Country Life Committee to deliver an up-on-blocks ’72 Trans-Am to the yard, it’s supposed to park next to the old washer! Dagnabbit.

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