Temperature Control

It started to rain a couple days ago as storms have blown in from the Pacific and come down from Alaska bringing a real chill to the region.
Adding insult to injury, just yesterday (after the deer-season closed here) an 4-point fork-horn buck ran across the “Prairie” right across the fence line.
Now this morning after all the rain, there was snow up in Pollock at my friend Pete’s. Also chain requirements on 50 from Kyburz to Meyers (unless you have mud-and-snow tires, and 4×4). Roads we had just ridden only a few weeks ago on the Gentleman’s Express in comfort, sunshine, and heat – now are frozen over.
UPDATED: Woke up warm-enough under the silk blanket and rolled over and flung my arm about – and felt the well overheated area next to me.
Seems like I had put the controls for the electric mattress-pad on the wrong sides. No wonder the past week has been so chilly on my side!

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6 thoughts on “Temperature Control

  1. Other than craploads of wind and rain we don’t really get weather here and so I have always enjoyed my winter stays in CA. snow on diablo on my morning coffee run on a sunny morning always amused me and planning my trip to my big sis in uitah via Tahoe always seemed an adventure…would or wouldn’t we get through!


  2. 2 weeks ago temps were in the nineties and we were wondering if the leaves were ever going to turn. Last night we got 3 inches of snow, and tonight’s temperatures are in the teens.

    Looks like mother nature down shifted from summer right to winter and skipped fall altogether. I hope she remembered to double clutch.


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