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UPDATES: Various switcheroo and moderation for the hothouse flowers of political correctness: the #Idiorati&Ignorati:
After just twenty minutes at the show and a couple of interesting conversations with neighbors, I came across this for sale at the State of Jefferson table that called out my name. At first I didn’t even notice that it was a slick-side. Woot! Story: the Guy who built it switched to a 6.5 upper for deer hunting from his trail-bike. M4-feed-ramps and BCG included, with scope. The only identifying characteristic is the DoubleStar gas block. $375 out the door.
I’ll have to see what difference the shorter gas-system makes in regards to recoil impulse, since my other AR’s all have rifle or medium-length gas circuitry. Also I want to swap the black glacier-guards for FDE and maybe the new Magpul ones as the grip they provide is very large and round. IMG_0208x1000


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  1. “Cranky-pants” – heh. I’ll have to add that to my lexicon.

    And $375 out the door? Sweet! Did it include the Nikon glass at that price? If so, even more sweet!

    Pondering optics for my latest. Probably, will go somewhat low budget, with a Vortex StrikeFire II. Possibly, a Klarus XT-11 as a weaponlight. Still arguing with myself over that part. I did pick up a Magpul MS3 convertible sling.

    Yep, it looks as if I might be going full office-chair operator here. 🙂

    • Woot! Office Chair Operator First Class! Not-Cool Billy is an old friend and he is subject to MASSIVE pressure from the SF-liberal environs where he works and it makes him cranky.
      The glass came-with, the original builder was gonna go deer-shoot with it, but upgraded to heavier caliber for hoofed rats – 6.5 or 6.8 and that required another standard.
      If it doesn’t work out (?) I can run my Aimpoint on it and send you the glass if you want – Merry Christmas ETC…
      I really like the VTAC slings, but not the newer “enhanced “version. Too much extra strap-tail dragging around, wrapped back in a self-contained keeper-thing. Anyhow it and I’m gonna cut it off and lose a few dollars. It annoyed me.

    • My experience with slings is limited to the Whelan. So the full-on tactical approach will be a learning experience. I’ve been told I need to learn to drive my muzzle around, like Chris Costas does, with my offhand grip waaaaaaaaaaay out there. That’s a far cry from the “elbow in the ribcage” offhand I was taught. I went the Mapgul, because it seemed the simplest, other than plane-jane military slings (as in what the Appleseed Project wants you to use for their sessions).

      Thanks for the offer on the scope. You should hang on to it, as it’s a nice one, even if you don’t use it on this rifle. I’m sure you can manage to come up with someplace to put it, though with the BDC reticle it isn’t quite so portable. And you might decide, later, to use it in place of the Aimpoint.

      That said … I do have a 2nd AR-15. 🙂

      And the Klarus light is on its way to me, as well. Just call me Walter (Mitty).

    • Yay Jed!! Now that I’ve been out hunting I have a different take on “tactical” that’s for sure. I liek the Turner military slings like on my Garand because I learned how to make them work, but the “upgraded” VTAC sling has more dangley stuff than I like, I like the old Gen1 version.

    • One thing I’ll say for sure, that when I started looking at slings, I had no idea how many varieties there are. I’d be curious to try the Latigo, and the Ching Sling, but perhaps not on an AR. But then, I’m no expert. I did note several slings have the “quick adjust” dangly bits, and I imagine those are useful, but as you say, lots of us are used to something more simple.

  2. I think Billy’s point is that any less than knowledgeable individual reading your post might be led to believe that you circumvented gun laws by purchasing this at a gun show. We all know better, of course, but this has the potential to confirm the so called loophole issue in the minds of some.

  3. Of course there’s no 10-day waiting period. It’s an upper only — no fire control group — so it’s not considered a rifle. But thanks for adding fodder to the “gun show loophole” argument….

    • You’re welcome, but what fodder? The “argument” is a distortion and completely specious, and there’s NO waiting period whatsoever in 42 states – “gunshow loophole” or whatever – not in: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado (rifles), Delaware, Florida (rifles), Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland (rifle), Massachusetts, Michigan (Detroit??), Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey (rifle), New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, or Wyoming. California’s 10-day waiting period has been ruled unconstitutional by the Courts but our corrupt and idiotic AG is refusing to accept the ruling. Why is California so special? Knives seem to be a bigger issue lately – but should I edit the post because a metal tube and handguard is not a gun?

    • Calm down, amigo. It was tongue-in-cheek re: the mendacious left-wing media machine and the morons who believe their lies and distortions.

    • Fair enough. Not the first time I’ve been guilty of raining on someone’s parade. Chalk it up to envy, exacerbated by another trying weekend with the anti-gun in-laws.

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