Evolution of a Hunter (partial)

Deer Season is over here, and No, I’m not really evolved-there yet because I didn’t succeed, but things are different now. That bit I mentioned a while ago about coming to an understanding and appreciation for MossyOak™ and RealTree™ camo and clothing has deepened in the past few days. I had to get in my hot-air balloon and go up a bit and elevate my perspective.
To paraphrase and mangle 1 Corinthians 13: When I was a Shooter I talked guns like a Shooter, I shot steel like a Shooter, I Carried like a Shooter should, and I reasoned like a Shooter pie-ing a corner in a shoot-house – but when I became a Hunter I put the ways of raw-Shootiness behind me…
It’s also because of the new up-Country location, where Hunting is accepted as natural and normal. Early in the morning while dressed in Mossy-Oak and waiting for my hunting partner to show-up, I had a few hunt-related conversations with passers-by, and none of it was negative and most offered good-wishes for good luck. People asked where we were going, “Up past Ice-House to Loon Lake.” “Oh there’s bear up there too, got a bear tag?” And yesterday, “Last day of the Season and I didn’t fill my tag.” “Oh that’s too bad, my cousin got a big six-pointer but I didn’t get out and missed it too, felt real bad about that, first time in years.” There’s a whole ‘nother conversational topic available, and a box of ammo just sitting on a shelf that still has many rounds in it. Hunting is not a high round-count kind of activity – but I did put a lot of miles on my boots last week and almost didn’t even notice that fact. I wasn’t tired and wore out, only a bit cold (or too-hot) and generally felt pretty good and mostly refreshed and invigorated by the whole experience. There’s still Bear-tags available and that season ends at the end off December – but I’m not going after bear with a .243 Winchester that’s for sure! I do have a .30-06 rifle I can use for that, but I have to return to Shooty-Ways and zero the thing. So my collection of mostly mil-surps is also changing.

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